Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Day 12 Years Ago - 9/11

We live in Katy, Texas.

I am watching Good Morning America as T gets ready for work.  Oh my god.  They are going to live breaking news about a plane hitting a building in New York. Shit, this is crazy.

I am sitting here and T walks by and says "We are probably being attacked!"

T leaves out the door for work and I am still sitting watching and shit...Planes crashing all over the place. What the hell is going on?  That's it, I'm leaving for work too.  I'm hoping in my Toyota 4Runner and the radio is now telling me that a plane has hit the Pentagon.

I am freaking out now.  I am speeding to get to work to a t.v.  I am sure I am breaking many traffic laws right now but I don't care. I need to hurry to work and make some phone calls. I go running into the building and T has already called there for me.  Calling her back now, worried and we talk about the plane hitting the Pentagon.  I need to try and contact my parents.  My mom is working at the Pentagon and my father is in Crystal City, close but not really close enough.  Great, I'm not getting through.  Phone are down of course and now signals to cell phones.

Hours pass.  No one is coming in today to buy cars, we are all in front of the t.v. anyways.  I finally am leaving to go meet T for lunch. We are sitting and talking, still in shock about what has happened today.  Everyone around us is.

Planes have crashed in New York, DC and in Pennsylvania.  We have been attacked today.  I'm nervous, scared, worried, mad and threatened right now.  So hard today watching t.v. Seeing all the people at the World Trade Center scattering and running for lives.  So heroic to see the men and women rush into the shadows of death and risk their lives to save others.

Finally talk to my mom and dad and they are ok.  Great news for us.  Others are not so lucky.  Others still are in the dark about their loved ones.

Sitting at home with T and we are glued to the t.v.  Such a long day.  Such a sad day today has been.

That was then.

Still to this day, I remember how that day seemed so long.  Such a fucked up day for all of us.  I loved how we all came together and grabbed hands and became one.  We all became a strong caring loving Nation.  I have never been a firefighter.  I have never been a police officer.  I have never been a first responder, an active military service member or anyone that has jumped in the line of fire to help others.

I am a caring American.

Never Forget That Day.  Never Forget the Past 9/11's, Always remember the current 9/11's and look forward and recognize that the future 9/11's will never leave our minds, our hearts and our souls.




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