Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wanna Hear About Our Vacation?

Vacations are fun.  Vacations are full of adventures.

We just returned from Texas and boy are we wiped out.  We had so much planned and we stayed busy and we filled our cups of fun to the top.

It was easy to chill at my parents house and play in the pool, feed the deer and rearrange the house.

It was also fun to go to new places that we have not gone to before with the kids and also have my parents experience new things too.

It was great to see C1 turn 10 and become so excited over a new gadget / birthday gift.

Who knew that playing Bingo could be filled with so many emotions.

Guess how many cameras are at the entrance of the Padre Island National Beach Park?

Can a 4yo get overdosed on Chocolate Fondue?

How many days did it take for me to actually do something stupid and hurt myself?

And all the years I have been talking to the peeps from CrossFit Cedar Park and always wanted to meet them and just think....Having them be at the Waterpark, not only on the same day, but at the same time and probably right next to me in line......THE OWNER, THE FAMILY and we missed each other.  So funny that it happened but so crazy.

Starting Thursday, I will be posting a little daily dose of what we did while on vacation and some of the fun things we did and stuff that happened.  For instance, what ever could a woman calling the Bingo numbers say out loud that would have everyone laughing?

Kiss The Baby



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