Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat and What You Eat

Halloween is maybe the biggest candy consumption day of the year, and that led to a early morning conversation / debate on Q100's Bert Show this morning. The conversation was about a letter that a person handed out instead of handing out candy.

So, the letter basically calls out kids for being IN THEIR OPINION "Moderately Obese" and that parents should "Ration Candy" and not allow the child to "Continue Unhealthy Eating Habits".

OK. I get what the person is trying to do.  I don't necessarily agree with the tactics that the person is taking but I kind of like the direction they wanted to go.

First, I wouldn't hand out a letter like this. Think of all the trouble it could cause.  Too much uncalled for drama.

Next, this "It takes a Village To Raise A Child" shit.  I will raise our children and you raise yours.  Don't worry about my kids.  I don't worry about yours.  I don't tell you how to parent, so keep your shit to yourself.  Other ways to try to get a point across which leads me to my next point.

Maybe a better way to try and get the point across of this letter would have been to NOT give the letter but also NOT give out junk.  Maybe healthy snacks, organic treats, something like that.  Maybe a glow stick, something fun, hell even a piece of shit toy is better than junk food or candy.  So, If I am handing out anything other than candy, is that another way of maybe somehow making a parent think about healthier options for their kids?  I don't know, but it's better than that letter.  What if instead of dye filled, sugar loaded balls of fructose you hand out bags of apple slices.  Maybe even a natural fruit bar or something of that nature would be better than a bag of skittles.

So I offer you the chance to open your minds and think.  I am not telling you what to do.  Shit, I eat junk, like peeps or sour gummy worms or white chocolate.  Not all the time and I am not going to lay on the floor and kill bags of candy either.  Why would I tell you to NOT do something when I may do it myself.  Like I said, I am just wanting YOU to think about how you can help others in a positive way.

OHHHHH. Wait.  You know I have not even mentioned how dyes can affect your kids.  Did you know that FOOD DYES are harmful?  Did you know that the dyes in candy and foods are worse than the actual sugar?  Almost forgot this too, oh wait. Never mind.  All of you that are getting the flu shots for your kids don't have to worry about the sugar lowering the immune system.  I mean Halloween does fall in the "Cold and Flu Season" but why would you worry about that?

And then there is this and I wonder if we are the only family to do this.  There will be a special visitor that comes to our house following Halloween.  "The Candy Fairy".  The Candy Fairy will bring treats and gifts galore for the C's in exchange for the candy that they collected during the night of the Ghosts and Goblins.  It may either be single gifts for each C or it could be a family gift for all of us.  The kids along with T and I will go through the candy and they will get to select a certain amount.  Then the rest will be place in the center of the table and await the swift pickup by the Candy Fairy.

I honestly don't give a shit as to what you hand out at your door.  I 100% hope that you and your children are safe this Halloween as you embark on your Trick or Treating crusades.  Be safe as your kids hit the streets and travel through neighborhoods unknown and houses unseen.  Be smart and safe as to what you allow your kids to put into their bodies.

I also wonder what health nuts and fitness experts hand out for Halloween. Like Dolvett and Bob Harper, what do they give out?

I'm sure all or maybe even none of you will agree with what I have written but that's cool.  I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make you think.  And you may not be my friend but I bet your ass is thinking.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, October 28, 2013

Losing The Name Game

I got called out Saturday afternoon by one of my favorite soccer dads.  Yes. I. Did. !!!

This guy John who is one of my favorite soccer dads has a son on C3's team and they have played together for years.  C2 even played with one of the families daughters.  This whole family is great.  The soccer mom is nice and funny and all of the kids are so friendly.  Well Saturday after C3's late game, John told C3 that "Your dad lost the name game", wait. WTF. What. I lost something?

John then explains that "The Name Game" is the number of times you scream your kids name during the game.  Oh shit.  I am THAT DAD?  Damn it, I am the dad screaming their child's name over and over throughout the game.  That's not what I want to be.  I want to be the happy soccer dad guy.  I love to watch my daughter play.  I love to cheer for her and the other kids.

Now this dude John, picture him..Like 6'5 probably, played football at UNC and has great skills with the kids.  I mean he was prepping them for the later game Saturday and what kid wouldn't listen to a 7 foot huge guy with a camo hat on.  Well upon hearing that I am the "Dad who yells his kids name too much" I am going to listen to John and I am going to lose this game every time from now on.  I swear this stayed in my head all Saturday afternoon and yeah, still is.

Now in my defense, I am not the parent who yells at his kid because I want my kid to be that solo superstar.  I want C3 to play well and be active in the game.  I yell for her to wake up, look alive, move her feet, keep running and so on.  I never yell at her in a negative way.  And I am also the guy who yells for all the kids.  I was screaming for all of our team.  I even started yelling for the kids by their numbers.

So, John....Guess what?  Next game, I am sitting right next to you and I am not going to scream ONE time to her.  I'm not going to yell ONE time during the game.  So I will for sure lose the "Name Game"

Kiss The Baby



Watching Through The Window

You never know what you will find when you wake up early on a Sunday morning.

We try to tell the kids to sleep in on Sunday mornings which NEVER happens.  Imagine my surprise when I get up a little before 7am on Sunday and take Lenox (our dog) out back.  I was walking around the back yard and I noticed the lights on in the basement rooms. HMMMMMM (thinking to myself), did I leave them on all night or...............

...........Was C2 sneaking downstairs to try to watch something?

Well as I got closer and closer to the window I saw C2 sitting in the chair scrolling through channels as if he was looking to find something.  Now why wasn't he upstairs watching tv?  He normally does that.  Gets up early and lays on the floor in the living room.  I sat and watched him and he never turned around.

What show was he looking for?  Now C2 has not accepted the fact that he has to be a certain age to watch some shows that he wants to see.  He also has not come to grips that he has an attitude problem at times and he just isn't ready to handle some shows he wants to watch.  So, I'm still watching him through the window.  He is scrolling and looking and I bet he was probably getting ready to throw that remote at the wall....

Why, you ask?  Because the Netflix password had changed and he couldn't get on to watch any shows.  Whether a show he could or couldn't see. I was laughing.  Now at the time I didn't know that the password had changed.  I wonder what I would have done if I busted him doing wrong.  Would I have tapped on the window scaring the shit out of him?  Would I have waited and asked him and wondered what he would tell me?  Instead since I saw him and knew he couldn't watch anything, I simply asked him later if he had any trouble getting on the tv in the basement and what happened.  He was straight up about it and said he added some channels and didn't watch anything....(CAUSE HE COULDN'T)

So it was just funny, taking the dog out and looking through the window and having a good laugh to myself for a good 10-15 minutes.  Next time I might scare the shit out of him. 

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 25, 2013

TMT = Too Many Trophies

Awesome kids, you finished the season and although we didn't win a single game, you are getting a trophy!  You showed up, played hard and even though we only won a couple games, we are presenting you with this trophy.

How often is that heard nowadays?

Way too much.

Why do kids or teams get trophies for just playing?  Are we as parents and coaches or organizers too scared to hurts someones feelings?  Probably.  Little Boy and Little Girl shelled out $50-$100 to play the sport of choice and now since they played they DESERVE a trophy? I'm saying NO!  I do not agree with giving kids these material items for simply showing up and playing a sport.

What ever happened to the experience of playing?  What ever happened to the learning process of playing as a team and on a team?  Growing in the sport in which is being played?

I have a lot of reasons why GIVING trophies out as opposed to EARNING trophies is a problem.  These are MY reasons and you may or may not agree. I'm ok with that.

Kids should be rewarded for achievements. Not participation.  What is going to happen is that kids are going to grow up and keep thinking that they deserve something when they have done the minimal amount or just nothing at all.  If you sign your child up for something do you automatically think they should get a trophy at the end of the year?  What if the team doesn't win any games?  What if they fail to make a tournament?  What if it is a Tiny Tots type league like 5 and under for example?  Do those kids NEED a trophy?

I want my kids to earn something like that.  Now I am of the opinion that I still don't want a million trophies sitting around in a room or a tub or something like that, but if it is earned from be it.

Lets have our children earn rewards and achieve rewards.  Isn't that what you do for them in school?  Do they get a passing grade for just showing up or do they need to earn it?  Why not do this in sports?  I have been in conversations this week and a lot of people agree. #TMT = Too Many Trophies.

What do you think?  Are we as parents, directors, communities, coaches, team moms...etc doing too much to GIVE our trophies in sports instead of having them EARN them?

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, October 24, 2013


Chris Moore aka The Barbell Buddha said something this morning that smacked me in the face and woke me up.  "Why train?  Why Coach? Why Read, Write or Create Anything?"

So, I'm going to use that as an example to ask this question.  Why Parent?  Why do we parent?  Why do we do the things we do as parents?

Whether we believe we are doing it right or we think someone else is doing it wrong, we all have the same common denominator as to why we parent WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN!

Some may parent because they HAVE to.  Having to because they were forced into a position of not HAVING a choice.  Some parent because they NEED to.  Maybe for some reason or another someone else put them in that place where they NEEDED to parent.  And then some decide to parent because they WANT to.  Time was right, situation was right, and then it happened WANTING to parent.

We try to be the best parents we can be.  Reading everything that we think will help.  Listening to those that may have had similar experiences and either following those footsteps or choosing a different path.  We watch tv and tell ourselves our we don't and won't act like them.  We see other kids and tell each other (spouses) that our kids wont behave like that.  Parents and kids are just like a box of crayons.  Each different in looks and each has a different result.

The reason WHY you parent may not go hand in hand with WHY I parent.  But we are raising kids that need to have the same things.  Love, Compassion, Strength, Heart, Kindness, Thoughts, Humor, etc... this list can go on and on.  In asking Why Parent, if we don't parent our kids who will?  Who will you trust to Parent YOUR kids?  Honestly, nowadays you can't trust your kids with just anyone.  No one and I do mean no one can instill the same values in your kids that you do as parents.  I don't care what anyone says, no one loves their children like the parents.

As I typed that I just had a song pop into my head from a long time ago that is one of my favorite songs of all time.  A song that was put on a cd of a photo album of our kids years ago.  

Why Parent? Ask yourself. Ask someone else. 

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dad's, What's Your Excuse?

So (some) people (I'm guessing mostly moms) are getting pissed at the mom who posted her fit photo of herself in workout gear with her kids on HER OWN FB page with the caption "What's Your Excuse?".  I'm in the group of "Don't Care" people.  For one, its her FB page.  Two, don't like what she says, don't look at her FB page.  Everyone is different and she choose to have her kids and then exercise. So be it.

Well, I'm doing my own "What's Your Excuse?"  I'm sure mine won't create the firestorm that hers did but again who cares.

Instead of being a playa, I choose to be my wife's husband.

Instead of being a baby daddy to many, I choose to me my kids daddy.

Instead of being one of those dads that is only there on the weekends, I choose to be there all the time.

Instead of being one of those husbands that puts his wife down and acts and thinks it's the damn 1800's, I choose to walk with her side by side and attack each day together.

I could go on and on.  Dad's What is your excuse?  Why are some things more important to you and your kids?  Why do you when you have that extra time are you going off to do other things instead of spending it with your kids?  Why not get up earlier to do what you need to and then have that free time with the kids.

But whatever, I'm sure you have your excuse.  I get up at 5am in the morning so I can fit my workout in and be home before the kids wake up.  What's your excuse?  I go straight home after work instead of to the bar or my buddies or to the gym so I can be at home.  What's your excuse?  I raise my kids and don't brush them off onto others all the time.  What's your excuse?

Millions ways I could go here.  Do what you want with what you have.  But when you don't have what you want.....

Don't cry about it.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Now I NO!

There is a reason why people are not believing me.

I'm sure they are giving me the weird and crazy looks because of this.

People are sending me text messages and emails asking me if I am OK.

A few are mad at me.

All of this from me, a 41 year old man renewing himself like a baby learning how to talk and blurting out a word for the first time.

That word is NO.

For most if not all of my life, I have been a "people-pleaser" and that time is over.  I have given and given and given more and gotten nothing in return.  Now I don't harp on the fact that I have gotten nothing in return for myself personally but now that I have figured this out I see that I was not getting anything to benefit my family.  In fact, I was neglecting my wife and kids and my duties as a husband more and more.

Taking that personal time that I could have been using to dedicate to them was being used for other stuff.  Taking time that I had at other moments and doing things for others that I may have thought benefited me was keeping me from doing what I really needed to be doing.  Doing what I needed to do instead of what I wanted to do.

I was told over and over "You are too nice" and "You need to learn how to tell people NO".  I heard it over and over but I constantly preached ( yeah ha, that word) the "Just believe in what I am trying to do" method.  Well that only gets you so far and where we are now and where we need to be are not the same thing as "Just believe in what I am trying to do".  If that doesn't make sense, well sorry.

NO.  I don't ignore my wife.  I really don't.  T is smarter and wiser than I am and she will never give herself the credit she deserves for being so well rounded.  She is also a hard ass hammer that will smack that nail and make her point in the process.  I wasn't ignoring her when she was beating into me that I need to "Tell people NO" more.  I think I was so numb from all of the beatings and I think she wanted me to learn on my own that by all the "Yes'ing" I was doing, I would fail and fall on my face and learn on my own.  I get it now.

Funny how reading HellaLife's own Jillian Tymchy's article on When To Say No (like a million times) made the point sink in a little more.  Stuck like syrup on the bottle after a few times.

Then it really hit me in the head and heart when I talked to a guy that I really like.  Even before this talk on the phone I liked this guy.  I have met him once and told him on the phone about my experience in meeting him.  Even makes it better and funnier that he was homeschooled.  I'm not going to go into details about what Mike Bledsoe and I talked about but he said things that made sense and lined up with exactly what T has been telling me all this time.  The way he put it too me about what I am doing with certain things just made me open my eyes.  I found out that I am also a lot like one of Mike's loved ones. That made me laugh.  Before that phone call was even over I knew I had to say "NO MORE".

So now that I have the word "NO" in my vocabulary people are all up in arms.  What's funny is that the only people that are mad about me now using the word "NO" are the people that I was doing all this shit for.  The people that always got the "YES".

I have a business partner and her name is T.  I have a job and it is to take care of my family.  Everything else comes after that and if I have no time for it, sorry but you are going to be told "NO".


Kiss The Baby



Monday, October 14, 2013

Baseball, Dirty Drawers, Death Soup and Darth Vader.

So since I am usually working most of the day and I only get a couple hours each night during the week, the weekend is when I get to find out what our kids are up to.  You know, what they are thinking, saying and doing with themselves.

For example, T told me that while at C3's soccer practice last week so bigger kids played baseball and let C4 play.  T told me that C4 was very good. Good arm and could catch the ball too.  So this weekend we got the baseball and glove out and we played.  He has a very good arm and can catch good for a four year old.  He is a lefty too, so just like me I can show him and teach him how to play baseball.  Only problem is that I am NO good at baseball and probably won't be that much of a help.

I made the mistake of helping T get the fall clothes out and then pack up some of the summer clothes.  The mistake wasn't helping her, the mistake was helping her do C3's clothes.  Dumping drawers out in the middle of the floor and seeing that my daughter is just "DOWN RIGHT DAMN MESSY" is nuts.  She just throws shit everywhere and in any drawer.  Panties in with shirts, socks in with shirts, shirts in the shorts. And then, honestly not knowing if they are clean or dirty. T tells me "You need to do the "Look and Smell" test. HELL NO.  I am not doing that.

So, there once was a boy, (C2) who loved chicken.  There was also a boy (C2) who loved noodles.  This boy (C2) would love to eat at any given time, chicken and noodles. Until that one night when his Mommy made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.  Then he had some kind of massive freak out over eating the soup.  Never before had we seen anything like this Chicken Noodle Soup freak out.  Was it the Chicken?  The Noodles?  No telling and still to this day we don't know.  But the mashed potatoes were happy to have been eaten.

Would it be easier if we just caved for once in our trials of parenthood and let C1 watch the Star Wars movies.  I mean he is already soooooo obsessed with everything Star Wars that it is driving us nuts. He hasn't seen any of the movies just the Lego Star Wars shows and he is crazy nuts over this shit.  It's not a totally bad thing, I mean it's only every other question out of his mouth that is about Star Wars.  He mentions that he really likes how Anakin becomes Darth Vader...Why does he really like the bad guy?

Well it was a fun weekend with lots of things accomplished.  Lots of things learned.

Kiss The Baby


Friday, October 11, 2013

The Day He Did Something Wonderful.

Monday I wrote about how C1 was going to be getting his hair cut and how he would be donating that hair.  I had the place wrong that I linked to in Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.  C1 actually decided to donate the 8 inches of hair to CWHL also know as Children With Hair Loss. He did this on Wednesday October 9th and we are mailing it tomorrow. What a day for him that was. We are getting him a t-shirt with a donation also. I can't wait to see his face when he gets it.

With CWHL the same thing applies as it does for Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love.  Donate the hair and it goes to make wigs for kids up to the age of 21 who have lost the hair for a variety of reasons.

I can't express enough how awesome I feel that our son would do this without us even directing him to do so. He is growing up and it is great to see that he is doing wonderful things for others.

In the same breath I find it so hard to see that this 10 year old boy right here......

Is this 10 year old boy.  He looks so much older with his new hair cut.  He was so happy. All smiles.  Talked about how cold his ears and neck were. And he was still all smiles when I got home that night.  

We loved his hair before, we love his hair now.

What matters is that HE loves it and loves what he did for some special boy or girl somewhere out there.

Pantene in my eyes was lucky to have a great boy do such a great thing.  

Kiss the baby



Monday, October 7, 2013

Hair Today.......Gone Tomorrow.

I dream and hope everyday that the kids will grow up to be better than I am.  That isn't going to be a very hard thing to do.  Our kids already have done things and shown by examples that they are going to be great in life and that they will be unselfish in their ways.

Well, this kid right here C1

C1 when he turned 10

He is doing something that maybe the most unselfish and thoughtful thing he has done in his 10 years of life.  C1 has long hair.  He has had his hair long forever it seems.  He has had a plan for a while now and not that he was growing his hair out just for this, but the fact that he is doing this makes me so proud to be his dad. 

Wigs For Kids is an organization that get donated hair and makes wigs out of them for children who have lost their hair several reasons. Chemo, radiation, burns and so on.  

C1 who I personally think looks cool with his hair pulled back (like a pirate) is getting tired of it.  So many reasons but he hates when I try to interview him for the blog so I am free styling it today.  

Wednesday he is going to get his hair cut short.  Maybe to the level of his neck I think but not sure.  I think he is going to look so much older.  And his beautiful hair, long hair is going to be brought home and sent to the Wigs For Kids.

It is going to be odd to see him without the long hair.  But that is not whats important.  He can make his own decision about his hair.  People think we make the kids have long hair, no in fact our kids are able to make up their own minds about thing and this was actually something he decided he wanted to do.  

Damn it. Our son is growing up and so much more wiser than his 10 years.  

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 4, 2013

Dropping The Funk

So, yesterday it was a story about my pretty much shitting myself.  Today it's a story about a single "Fart" and how it led to a morning of laughter.

I had a normal morning this morning.  5am workout and made it back home early because one of the kids had an appointment which meant all of the kids had to get up, get ready and leave when T left.  Now I was going to the appointment with them so I made sure that I was home to help get them up and ready.

Sitting on the couch with my coffee and T sitting in the chair putting on her makeup, C1 was first out to the living room.  Seated next to me, all of a sudden and out of the blue came a loud fart. I just up so fast and quickly moved to the seat next to T.

So a few minutes later when C2 was up and on the couch next to C1, I made the statement that went a little something like this...

"Damn son, You dropped the FUNK!!"  and laughter ensued.

So at that point the word of the morning was "FUNK".

In the van, waiting, we made funny videos and laughed about "FUNK", and just when we are laughing about the "FUNK" a nasty smell took over the van.  YES, THE FUNK!!!

Damn it.

So this morning had some FUNKED up stuff.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Way Way TMI Post.

So C1 had to write a story for school.  He chose to write about the time he had a hole in his shorts.  It was very funny and he did a great job but he didn't want me to share it with you all.  I asked and he said no.  No issue.  So what I thought I would write and share MY OWN funny experience and share it.

Years ago while T and I were living in Katy, Tx. we would have lunch together sometimes and we used to go to a spot that was real close to where she worked.  I can't remember the name of the little hole in the wall place but I do remember that they had some damn good chili.  I used to get the chili and have it loaded up with jalapenos and hot sauce and all kinds of goodies.

One day, T and I were having lunch there and of course I had the chili. Afterwards she looks at me and says "Hey, why don't you take one of these blue pills!"  Whoa, wait a minute.  Does my wife want me to take Viagra?  Is she telling me I suck in the sack.  Oh wait, it was a diet pill, a fat cutter, one of those pills that make the fat drip out of you like a leaky sink faucet.

Ok, TMI but this is my blog, my story and it gets better and it is very funny, so suck it up, stop rolling your eyes people and read on....

"One thing" she tells me.  "Whatever you do, do not fart!" She had a serious look in her eyes.

Screw that, I'm a dude.  I'm passing gas if I have to.  So meanwhile I head back to work, which at the time was a Ford Dealership where I actually sold lots of vehicles.  I had happened to have a pretty good sale earlier in the day where a guy came in and bought a nice new Expedition.  Had the tan interior and leather.  Sweet ride.  Well I was walking  back to detail to drive the vehicle back up to the front since the customer was now there, I went ahead and passed some gas.  Ya know, farted.

If ya got past that part you made it and are ok, well for the most part.

I got in the ride and drove it up front. Got out, handed the keys to the gentleman and then all of a sudden he took his fingers and wiped the bottom of the driver seat. (My face froze) He said, detail must have left some leather softener on there, and continued to wipe. (My face still frozen in horror) He got in and drive off as I ran inside to the bathroom.  Now remembering what T had told me, I rushed into a stall and checked my shit.  Literally checked my shit. (Screaming in my head) "I JUST SHIT MYSELF" and "OH MY GOD, IT WENT THROUGH MY BOXER BRIEFS TO MY PANTS"

It was then, that I pulled my pants back up, took my ass out the door and used my lunch break to go home and change own clothes that in fact acted like a cloth diaper. ALL FROM A LITTLE FART. Damn it. I had to call T and tell her.  It was kind of funny.  Gross.  Disgusting.  Funny though.

Moral of the story.  Well there are a few.  Don't for the love of god take any blue pills.  You will either shit yourself or beat yourself silly. (Get it, Beat yourself) hahah.  And always listen to your wife.  If your wife tells you not to fart...just don't fart.

If you made it all the way through that, pat yourself on the back.  Wash your hands and go read something else to clear your brain of my TMI post.

Kiss The Baby

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