Monday, October 14, 2013

Baseball, Dirty Drawers, Death Soup and Darth Vader.

So since I am usually working most of the day and I only get a couple hours each night during the week, the weekend is when I get to find out what our kids are up to.  You know, what they are thinking, saying and doing with themselves.

For example, T told me that while at C3's soccer practice last week so bigger kids played baseball and let C4 play.  T told me that C4 was very good. Good arm and could catch the ball too.  So this weekend we got the baseball and glove out and we played.  He has a very good arm and can catch good for a four year old.  He is a lefty too, so just like me I can show him and teach him how to play baseball.  Only problem is that I am NO good at baseball and probably won't be that much of a help.

I made the mistake of helping T get the fall clothes out and then pack up some of the summer clothes.  The mistake wasn't helping her, the mistake was helping her do C3's clothes.  Dumping drawers out in the middle of the floor and seeing that my daughter is just "DOWN RIGHT DAMN MESSY" is nuts.  She just throws shit everywhere and in any drawer.  Panties in with shirts, socks in with shirts, shirts in the shorts. And then, honestly not knowing if they are clean or dirty. T tells me "You need to do the "Look and Smell" test. HELL NO.  I am not doing that.

So, there once was a boy, (C2) who loved chicken.  There was also a boy (C2) who loved noodles.  This boy (C2) would love to eat at any given time, chicken and noodles. Until that one night when his Mommy made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.  Then he had some kind of massive freak out over eating the soup.  Never before had we seen anything like this Chicken Noodle Soup freak out.  Was it the Chicken?  The Noodles?  No telling and still to this day we don't know.  But the mashed potatoes were happy to have been eaten.

Would it be easier if we just caved for once in our trials of parenthood and let C1 watch the Star Wars movies.  I mean he is already soooooo obsessed with everything Star Wars that it is driving us nuts. He hasn't seen any of the movies just the Lego Star Wars shows and he is crazy nuts over this shit.  It's not a totally bad thing, I mean it's only every other question out of his mouth that is about Star Wars.  He mentions that he really likes how Anakin becomes Darth Vader...Why does he really like the bad guy?

Well it was a fun weekend with lots of things accomplished.  Lots of things learned.

Kiss The Baby


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