Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dad's, What's Your Excuse?

So (some) people (I'm guessing mostly moms) are getting pissed at the mom who posted her fit photo of herself in workout gear with her kids on HER OWN FB page with the caption "What's Your Excuse?".  I'm in the group of "Don't Care" people.  For one, its her FB page.  Two, don't like what she says, don't look at her FB page.  Everyone is different and she choose to have her kids and then exercise. So be it.

Well, I'm doing my own "What's Your Excuse?"  I'm sure mine won't create the firestorm that hers did but again who cares.

Instead of being a playa, I choose to be my wife's husband.

Instead of being a baby daddy to many, I choose to me my kids daddy.

Instead of being one of those dads that is only there on the weekends, I choose to be there all the time.

Instead of being one of those husbands that puts his wife down and acts and thinks it's the damn 1800's, I choose to walk with her side by side and attack each day together.

I could go on and on.  Dad's What is your excuse?  Why are some things more important to you and your kids?  Why do you when you have that extra time are you going off to do other things instead of spending it with your kids?  Why not get up earlier to do what you need to and then have that free time with the kids.

But whatever, I'm sure you have your excuse.  I get up at 5am in the morning so I can fit my workout in and be home before the kids wake up.  What's your excuse?  I go straight home after work instead of to the bar or my buddies or to the gym so I can be at home.  What's your excuse?  I raise my kids and don't brush them off onto others all the time.  What's your excuse?

Millions ways I could go here.  Do what you want with what you have.  But when you don't have what you want.....

Don't cry about it.

Kiss The Baby



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