Monday, October 7, 2013

Hair Today.......Gone Tomorrow.

I dream and hope everyday that the kids will grow up to be better than I am.  That isn't going to be a very hard thing to do.  Our kids already have done things and shown by examples that they are going to be great in life and that they will be unselfish in their ways.

Well, this kid right here C1

C1 when he turned 10

He is doing something that maybe the most unselfish and thoughtful thing he has done in his 10 years of life.  C1 has long hair.  He has had his hair long forever it seems.  He has had a plan for a while now and not that he was growing his hair out just for this, but the fact that he is doing this makes me so proud to be his dad. 

Wigs For Kids is an organization that get donated hair and makes wigs out of them for children who have lost their hair several reasons. Chemo, radiation, burns and so on.  

C1 who I personally think looks cool with his hair pulled back (like a pirate) is getting tired of it.  So many reasons but he hates when I try to interview him for the blog so I am free styling it today.  

Wednesday he is going to get his hair cut short.  Maybe to the level of his neck I think but not sure.  I think he is going to look so much older.  And his beautiful hair, long hair is going to be brought home and sent to the Wigs For Kids.

It is going to be odd to see him without the long hair.  But that is not whats important.  He can make his own decision about his hair.  People think we make the kids have long hair, no in fact our kids are able to make up their own minds about thing and this was actually something he decided he wanted to do.  

Damn it. Our son is growing up and so much more wiser than his 10 years.  

Kiss The Baby



christopher October 7, 2013 at 11:10 AM   Reply to

That's pretty awesome! Great kid! You must be doing something right. ;)

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