Monday, October 28, 2013

Losing The Name Game

I got called out Saturday afternoon by one of my favorite soccer dads.  Yes. I. Did. !!!

This guy John who is one of my favorite soccer dads has a son on C3's team and they have played together for years.  C2 even played with one of the families daughters.  This whole family is great.  The soccer mom is nice and funny and all of the kids are so friendly.  Well Saturday after C3's late game, John told C3 that "Your dad lost the name game", wait. WTF. What. I lost something?

John then explains that "The Name Game" is the number of times you scream your kids name during the game.  Oh shit.  I am THAT DAD?  Damn it, I am the dad screaming their child's name over and over throughout the game.  That's not what I want to be.  I want to be the happy soccer dad guy.  I love to watch my daughter play.  I love to cheer for her and the other kids.

Now this dude John, picture him..Like 6'5 probably, played football at UNC and has great skills with the kids.  I mean he was prepping them for the later game Saturday and what kid wouldn't listen to a 7 foot huge guy with a camo hat on.  Well upon hearing that I am the "Dad who yells his kids name too much" I am going to listen to John and I am going to lose this game every time from now on.  I swear this stayed in my head all Saturday afternoon and yeah, still is.

Now in my defense, I am not the parent who yells at his kid because I want my kid to be that solo superstar.  I want C3 to play well and be active in the game.  I yell for her to wake up, look alive, move her feet, keep running and so on.  I never yell at her in a negative way.  And I am also the guy who yells for all the kids.  I was screaming for all of our team.  I even started yelling for the kids by their numbers.

So, John....Guess what?  Next game, I am sitting right next to you and I am not going to scream ONE time to her.  I'm not going to yell ONE time during the game.  So I will for sure lose the "Name Game"

Kiss The Baby



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