Friday, October 11, 2013

The Day He Did Something Wonderful.

Monday I wrote about how C1 was going to be getting his hair cut and how he would be donating that hair.  I had the place wrong that I linked to in Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.  C1 actually decided to donate the 8 inches of hair to CWHL also know as Children With Hair Loss. He did this on Wednesday October 9th and we are mailing it tomorrow. What a day for him that was. We are getting him a t-shirt with a donation also. I can't wait to see his face when he gets it.

With CWHL the same thing applies as it does for Wigs for Kids and Locks of Love.  Donate the hair and it goes to make wigs for kids up to the age of 21 who have lost the hair for a variety of reasons.

I can't express enough how awesome I feel that our son would do this without us even directing him to do so. He is growing up and it is great to see that he is doing wonderful things for others.

In the same breath I find it so hard to see that this 10 year old boy right here......

Is this 10 year old boy.  He looks so much older with his new hair cut.  He was so happy. All smiles.  Talked about how cold his ears and neck were. And he was still all smiles when I got home that night.  

We loved his hair before, we love his hair now.

What matters is that HE loves it and loves what he did for some special boy or girl somewhere out there.

Pantene in my eyes was lucky to have a great boy do such a great thing.  

Kiss the baby



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