Friday, October 25, 2013

TMT = Too Many Trophies

Awesome kids, you finished the season and although we didn't win a single game, you are getting a trophy!  You showed up, played hard and even though we only won a couple games, we are presenting you with this trophy.

How often is that heard nowadays?

Way too much.

Why do kids or teams get trophies for just playing?  Are we as parents and coaches or organizers too scared to hurts someones feelings?  Probably.  Little Boy and Little Girl shelled out $50-$100 to play the sport of choice and now since they played they DESERVE a trophy? I'm saying NO!  I do not agree with giving kids these material items for simply showing up and playing a sport.

What ever happened to the experience of playing?  What ever happened to the learning process of playing as a team and on a team?  Growing in the sport in which is being played?

I have a lot of reasons why GIVING trophies out as opposed to EARNING trophies is a problem.  These are MY reasons and you may or may not agree. I'm ok with that.

Kids should be rewarded for achievements. Not participation.  What is going to happen is that kids are going to grow up and keep thinking that they deserve something when they have done the minimal amount or just nothing at all.  If you sign your child up for something do you automatically think they should get a trophy at the end of the year?  What if the team doesn't win any games?  What if they fail to make a tournament?  What if it is a Tiny Tots type league like 5 and under for example?  Do those kids NEED a trophy?

I want my kids to earn something like that.  Now I am of the opinion that I still don't want a million trophies sitting around in a room or a tub or something like that, but if it is earned from be it.

Lets have our children earn rewards and achieve rewards.  Isn't that what you do for them in school?  Do they get a passing grade for just showing up or do they need to earn it?  Why not do this in sports?  I have been in conversations this week and a lot of people agree. #TMT = Too Many Trophies.

What do you think?  Are we as parents, directors, communities, coaches, team moms...etc doing too much to GIVE our trophies in sports instead of having them EARN them?

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Merrie October 28, 2013 at 6:09 PM   Reply to

You're preaching to the choir, brother. I couldn't agree more. Don't we want our kids to aspire to something that wasn't just handed to them? How else are they going to learn the thrill of winning over the heartache of loss? I think those are important lessons.

Unknown January 2, 2014 at 12:05 AM   Reply to

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