Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat and What You Eat

Halloween is maybe the biggest candy consumption day of the year, and that led to a early morning conversation / debate on Q100's Bert Show this morning. The conversation was about a letter that a person handed out instead of handing out candy.

So, the letter basically calls out kids for being IN THEIR OPINION "Moderately Obese" and that parents should "Ration Candy" and not allow the child to "Continue Unhealthy Eating Habits".

OK. I get what the person is trying to do.  I don't necessarily agree with the tactics that the person is taking but I kind of like the direction they wanted to go.

First, I wouldn't hand out a letter like this. Think of all the trouble it could cause.  Too much uncalled for drama.

Next, this "It takes a Village To Raise A Child" shit.  I will raise our children and you raise yours.  Don't worry about my kids.  I don't worry about yours.  I don't tell you how to parent, so keep your shit to yourself.  Other ways to try to get a point across which leads me to my next point.

Maybe a better way to try and get the point across of this letter would have been to NOT give the letter but also NOT give out junk.  Maybe healthy snacks, organic treats, something like that.  Maybe a glow stick, something fun, hell even a piece of shit toy is better than junk food or candy.  So, If I am handing out anything other than candy, is that another way of maybe somehow making a parent think about healthier options for their kids?  I don't know, but it's better than that letter.  What if instead of dye filled, sugar loaded balls of fructose you hand out bags of apple slices.  Maybe even a natural fruit bar or something of that nature would be better than a bag of skittles.

So I offer you the chance to open your minds and think.  I am not telling you what to do.  Shit, I eat junk, like peeps or sour gummy worms or white chocolate.  Not all the time and I am not going to lay on the floor and kill bags of candy either.  Why would I tell you to NOT do something when I may do it myself.  Like I said, I am just wanting YOU to think about how you can help others in a positive way.

OHHHHH. Wait.  You know I have not even mentioned how dyes can affect your kids.  Did you know that FOOD DYES are harmful?  Did you know that the dyes in candy and foods are worse than the actual sugar?  Almost forgot this too, oh wait. Never mind.  All of you that are getting the flu shots for your kids don't have to worry about the sugar lowering the immune system.  I mean Halloween does fall in the "Cold and Flu Season" but why would you worry about that?

And then there is this and I wonder if we are the only family to do this.  There will be a special visitor that comes to our house following Halloween.  "The Candy Fairy".  The Candy Fairy will bring treats and gifts galore for the C's in exchange for the candy that they collected during the night of the Ghosts and Goblins.  It may either be single gifts for each C or it could be a family gift for all of us.  The kids along with T and I will go through the candy and they will get to select a certain amount.  Then the rest will be place in the center of the table and await the swift pickup by the Candy Fairy.

I honestly don't give a shit as to what you hand out at your door.  I 100% hope that you and your children are safe this Halloween as you embark on your Trick or Treating crusades.  Be safe as your kids hit the streets and travel through neighborhoods unknown and houses unseen.  Be smart and safe as to what you allow your kids to put into their bodies.

I also wonder what health nuts and fitness experts hand out for Halloween. Like Dolvett and Bob Harper, what do they give out?

I'm sure all or maybe even none of you will agree with what I have written but that's cool.  I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make you think.  And you may not be my friend but I bet your ass is thinking.

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