Thursday, October 24, 2013


Chris Moore aka The Barbell Buddha said something this morning that smacked me in the face and woke me up.  "Why train?  Why Coach? Why Read, Write or Create Anything?"

So, I'm going to use that as an example to ask this question.  Why Parent?  Why do we parent?  Why do we do the things we do as parents?

Whether we believe we are doing it right or we think someone else is doing it wrong, we all have the same common denominator as to why we parent WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN!

Some may parent because they HAVE to.  Having to because they were forced into a position of not HAVING a choice.  Some parent because they NEED to.  Maybe for some reason or another someone else put them in that place where they NEEDED to parent.  And then some decide to parent because they WANT to.  Time was right, situation was right, and then it happened WANTING to parent.

We try to be the best parents we can be.  Reading everything that we think will help.  Listening to those that may have had similar experiences and either following those footsteps or choosing a different path.  We watch tv and tell ourselves our we don't and won't act like them.  We see other kids and tell each other (spouses) that our kids wont behave like that.  Parents and kids are just like a box of crayons.  Each different in looks and each has a different result.

The reason WHY you parent may not go hand in hand with WHY I parent.  But we are raising kids that need to have the same things.  Love, Compassion, Strength, Heart, Kindness, Thoughts, Humor, etc... this list can go on and on.  In asking Why Parent, if we don't parent our kids who will?  Who will you trust to Parent YOUR kids?  Honestly, nowadays you can't trust your kids with just anyone.  No one and I do mean no one can instill the same values in your kids that you do as parents.  I don't care what anyone says, no one loves their children like the parents.

As I typed that I just had a song pop into my head from a long time ago that is one of my favorite songs of all time.  A song that was put on a cd of a photo album of our kids years ago.  

Why Parent? Ask yourself. Ask someone else. 

Kiss The Baby



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