Friday, November 1, 2013

Candy Fairy 2013

                   Now that Halloween is over, (and it seems like Christmas is tomorrow) I'm happy to say that the four crazy C's (Mike, King Pig, Red Ninja, and Cat) have made it through another agonizing night of god forbid candy collections.  Our neighborhood and a few other houses made it possible for the kids to get bags full of treats.  I did however find out that C2 was leaving tricks in other peoples garages. (Dropping Funk)

So after it was all said and done and this

and this

sat on the kitchen table with kids hovering over it selecting their 10 pieces with the rest going to the Candy Fairy. 

The kids love the idea of the Candy Fairy.  That is the entire reason they wanted to hit more houses last night so that they could better the chances of an awesome swap.  They wondered all night what would the Candy Fairy leave in return for their junk.  Movie tickets, books, Wii games, they think of it all. 

As we go to sleep the bag of candy sit on the table.  All of a sudden.........

A Lego Minifigure sat in front of each kids chair.

C1, he got the Rock Climber.  C2, got the Elf, while C3 and C4 both opened up a Gingerbread Man. 

The dvd of Monster U also sat on the table.  Damn!  All of that?  That sure seems better than a bunch of junk and dye filled hard as shit candy that will be gone in days.

That Candy Fairy sure does rock.

Only question this morning was if the Candy Fairy is a boy or a girl?  

Who cares!  Bet your ass this much, the Candy Fairy works wonders and if you try it, your kids would love it too. 

Kiss The Baby



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