Thursday, November 14, 2013

Do I Live Next To Luke Bryan


Every damn night I swear it sounds like we are live and in the front row of a Luke Bryan concert.  My old drunk neighbor ass neighbor loves to play his music loud.  And by loud I mean very loud.  By very loud I mean hearing word for word clearly through the 50 yards of trees.

Don't get me wrong. Luke Bryan may be the ONLY Country music artist I can handle but hearing the shit at midnight through my bedroom walls is a bit much.  Feeling the bass vibrate my bed like a cheap motel room mattress is not how I like to go to sleep.

I have to be up at 4:30 am and the really aggravating part is just the fact that it is a pain in the ass.  Now the dumb ass plays the shit during the day just as loud.  That is annoying too but its the middle of the day, fine. This is the same old man that cursed out T and yelled at the kids and threatened them during the day when they were playing outside.  The same man that I had arguments on the phone with after I "ASKED" him to not even bother with my family anymore.  He avoids us now, we don't give a shit about him.

Our kids play outside on our property and he stays in his house and plays his music.  He is in his own right to play his shit just like our kids are allowed to play outside and make noise.  But after a certain time, come on.  Even without the law getting involved on a WEEKDAY a person should have enough common sense to know better.  I wouldn't have my kids out at midnight playing and screaming and making a ton of noise.  Just like I would let my dog sit out there and bark all night either.  Just not cool.

So, cops got called again last night.  Cops came out again.  Music went away as the cop drove by.  Nothing happened but me talking to an officer in the freezing temps for 15 minutes.  It will happen again.  I'm sure.

Here is what I'm going to do.  I'm going to fucking write Luke Bryan and see if he will once and for all come give this old ass man a live concert in his backyard.  Sounds like he is there anyways.

So to the man who told me he was going to "rip my dick off and fuck me with it" I say this......You are lucky that I am trying to set a positive example for my kids by not fighting.  You already pushed your limits before threatening my wife and kids.  I want to knock on your door and invite you into the street and give your drunk ass the beating you need to sober up and wake the fuck up.  Then I am going to ask you to tell my wife and kids you are sorry....But, that won't happen.

Unless you threaten them again.  Then I will be asking for donations for bail.    Last request to you old man, can you please for the love of god play something else.




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