Monday, November 4, 2013

Grow That Shit Bro - NO SHAVE NOVEMBER

NO Shave November is a month long ban on shaving. The face that is.  The No Shave November is a different and unique way of showing support and raising awareness for Cancer.

What you do is let it Grow and let it show.  Be proud of what you have.  Me, I am losing all of the hair on my head so I am growing my beard.  I always have a beard but no the ZZ Top style.  Normally I have the shorter style beard.  But now, this month I am letting it grow. The reason behind it is that a lot of Cancer patients lose their hair, so No Shave November lets us men grow, embrace and support the battles of Cancer in this way.  And what the group would like for you to do is donate the money that you would normally spend on cuts and shaves to the cause.

Well for me, I shave and cut my balding dome at home by myself.  I'm a clean shaved balding 41 year old man that also shaves his arms, legs, chest and back.  As of now I have a week or so old growth on the face and I will let that grow for the entire month of November trimming only the mustache.  Can't have the muuuu-stache growing over my lip...That is nasty.

Now, if you want to you can also participate in the No Shave November movement by letting that beard grow. Hooking yourself up with a mustache.  Ladies, you can let your legs get shaggy (or even me, since I shave my,

You can also donate and learn how by going here Donation Page, buy you a shirt or something.  You can learn more about the Web based group by going here About No Shave November and read up on the whole deal.

So this is what I am going to do.  Here are a couple photos of me starting the month of November with the beard.

OK. I have a lot of gray and white in that beard.  Damn, I'm getting old.  I have never let my beard grow out for an entire month straight.  A few things can happen here with this. I will look crazy and hairy and I may or may not get that goods from T...I'm just saying.  She is not a fan of the Duck Dynasty style beard growth.

I will post pic's here and there.

Let me know if you are in on this and we can hook it up and keep track.

So......NO SHAVE NOVEMBER is in full effect. 

Kiss The Baby



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