Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Freaks Of 5 A.M.

My phone blasts some Justin Timberlake to wake me at 4:20am.  As I head to the bathroom to pry my eyes open enough to get the contacts in, I think "What in the hell am I doing?".

By the time I get dressed and out the door, I am loaded with a bag of clothes, shoes, speed rope, Pre Workout drinks, Protein drinks, Water and a Banana. I am also armed with a feeling of "I'm kicking ass today and NO one is stopping me.  In the car thinking of nothing but CrossFit, I arrive at a place where only the dedicated, insane, awesome and hard working show up.  CrossFit Boiler Room.

Not even 5 a.m. yet, I walk in the door to see either Coach Stephen or Coach Joe with a dry erase marker  in hand writing what may or may not break us down in the next hour.  The Boiler Room has several daily classes but it takes a special kind of person to get up and at em for a 5 a.m. class. Not just anybody can get their ass up before 5 a.m. and drive somewhere for the fun of it. (And by fun I mean Pain and by Pain I mean Joy)

If I had the choice or ability to attend another class, you know what? I Wouldn't!  Our class is filled with people who push me to be better.  They may not know it or believe it but the men and few women in the class are badass. Coach Stephen knows I like to be yelled at, so he yells at me.  I love that shit. He is my personal Dolvett and Bob Harper.  Coach Joe is my hairy ass motivator.  Doesn't matter how bad I am sucking, he tells me I'm great.

We have some chicks in the 5 a.m. crew that are killers.  Kristen is a tough never quit fighter who refuses to let anyone look at her when she Wod's.....She is strong, so I don't question it. Then there is Mandy.  Mandy is funny, quiet but gets the business done and then out the door before 6 when no one is looking.  We have a new girl Bridgett who has been busting her ass and learning the drill. Still shows up, that's dedication.

Then there are the dudes.  Matt.  Matt is like me. Only younger, stronger and better looking.  He has a dirty mind like I do and that makes for a lot of laughs.  Chris.  Holy shit.  Strong.  That is all I can say about his ass. Strong.  Rickman.  Mike is a beast who is the silent but killer type.  Shows up, warms up, then throws heavy ass weight around.  Bo.  Now Bo to me is one of the funniest mo-fo's there.  This tiny framed man who could wear C1's clothes is the combo of fast and strong.

It was funny the other morning a new guy Justin came in and I was busting his balls and having fun with him and then he didn't show up the next morning. Coach Stephen said it was my fault. LOL. He came in later at 6. But it's nice that people can come in and feel like friends right off the bat.

I can't lift like Rickman, I can't lift like Chris or Matt or Bo.  And I'm fine with that.  It's all about Relative Intensity.  I bust my ass to my level of ass bustiness. I get to my threshold and see if I can get past it every morning.  But while we are doing these Wod's, I am trying to personally catch Bo, Rickman, Chris, Coach Joe, Matt, shit even Kristen and Mandy are always faster than I am.

But someone has to come in last. lol. At least I look good with my colorful socks, shaved legs, and so on.

I love the 5 a.m. crew.  Even when Coach Stephen plays Benny Hill.  I even love it when some of you nasty fools "Drop The Funk"   I mean love the class, not the "dropped funk", who in the hell could love that?

So thank you CrossFit Boiler Room for having that 5 a.m. class.  Thank you 5 a.m. Crew for pushing me and making me want to catch ya'll every morning.  We are a bunch of Crazy Ma-fuggers and it's a pleasure working out with you all.

Kiss The Baby



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