Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Gentle Calm After The Storm.

It is nights like last night that make me feel what I am doing with my son is really working.

I know yesterday I talked about how frustrated I was in my dealings with him.  But last night I made it a point to just have a talk with him.  Nothing special, nothing scripted, just a normal nightly talk.

He was already in his bed as he likes to crash out early usually.  I plopped down next to him and we started a conversation by me asking how his day was.  He was telling me about his day and how it went good.  Then I told him about my day and how it was crazy.  "How was your day crazy daddy?"

(In my head, I was thinking this was perfect)....I explained to him how my boss yelled at me for something and how my boss didn't believe what I was telling him and took the customers side of the story over mine.  I explained how even though I didn't agree with what my boss was telling me, I listened and then went back to my desk and sat and let it roll off my back. (I was hoping that he would see that its OK to just walk away and not argue)

Then I asked him, "Do you ever just want the day to end faster when you have a bad day, like just climb in bed go to sleep and then start over again tomorrow?"

He said with a soft tone "YES".  I told him me too.

Then I asked him "When you have good days, don't you wish they lasted longer?"

With the same soft tone, I received a "YES". I again said, Me too.

It was great just chilling in his bed with him and for those brief ten minutes we both had a calming experience that let us both relax and I think we could hear what each other was saying.

So after a long weekend chasing this child and trying to fix his behavior, it was awesome to let it be and just enjoy him.  Love him.  Share and learn with him.  With each day that passes, I learn that this kid is more and more like me, and not just in the crazy ways I talked about yesterday.

As I got up out of his bed "Daddy, will you fix me that bacon, egg, cinnamon toast sandwich for breakfast?"

For sure.

Kiss The Baby



Sol,  November 26, 2013 at 12:42 PM   Reply to

I think of those moments with our children as pure gifts. Wonderful moments etched in time. Especially when we may be going through some challenging times with them. Thanks for sharing <3

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