Monday, November 18, 2013

Try This At Home. Ask Your Kids!

Kids are honest when you ask them things out of the blue.

Sometimes too honest.  The great thing about asking kids questions and getting the honest answers is that you can use those moments to teach them valuable lessons that will carry them through life.  Hopefully the lessons taught will be the correct ones.  And sometimes you will find your kids surprising you.

As the kids were eating lunch, I took the opportunity to ask the kids one by one question about Superheroes.  What about Superheroes makes you like them?  That was it.  One question.

C4, liked that they were able to fly, and wore capes while being cool looking.  That is from a four year old.  C3, also liked that they could fly, wore capes but added that they saved people while beating up bad guys.  C2 and C1 would never really give me a concrete answer.  I think the two older boys are more into the Star Wars (Legos) things right now so they were not really that much into talking to me about the Superhero thing.


I asked them one by one to come look at this photo and tell me what they thought of it.

As the kids got to the computer screen and saw this photo all they could do was laugh.  They didn't like this picture too much. WHY?  First words out of the kids mouths was...."Because they are fat", except for C4. He didn't care.  He still thought they were cool looking.  Leave it to the 4yo to know. HA. One of the C's even said "They have girl shoes on!" 

What's weird is that when I asked the kids questions about having friends, what's important to them about the friends they have and who they play with and so on, none of the things they said about this picture came into the conversation.  We went over examples of different friends they have and people they know.  The kids had no idea of what I was even talking about when mentioning how some people are different.  But for some reason they just could not help themselves from laughing at that photo above.  Now is this a case of kids being kids and laughing at something silly looking or a case of kids not accepting what or who is different?

"If the Superheroes could do all of the same things, fly, be strong, save people...would you still like them if they looked like this?" (Photo above)  They said No.  But then when asked "Would you be friends with people that are different than you?" They all said yes without giving it a thought.  I'm glad that they are smart enough and good enough kids to know and understand that everyone is different and that they should not judge people by what they look like but by the actions and way that they are treated.  

But, I was a little taken back at the reactions to the photo.  So it got all of us talking.  It was a good Saturday lesson.  For all of us.  

Then I wondered.  What would little girls think or say about the Disney Princess photo I found? 

Well, C3 doesn't even like a single Princess so she didn't care.  But would little girls still like these characters if they looked like this.  Would parents let the kids watch the Disney movies? I don't know.

Then I thought even more about this and T and I thought, "Do they even put "Overweight" children in tv shows now?  Do they have kids shows that have unhealthy looking children in them?  So many kids watch SOME tv.  Whether it be a cartoon of some sort or the newer Disney shows for the older kids.  Are there any kids on these shows that can show and teach kids about the struggles of being different?  Being overweight, a different race, bullied, unloved, adopted....Any of this.  I guess I may need to start watching more kids shows to find out.

Would kids still play video games if the characters were overweight and or different?  

So, my kids may not like their Superheroes looking differently and my daughter may not give a shit about a Princess,  but I'm glad they don't care what friends, family and playmates look like.  They are more concerned with how they are treated by those friends and playmates. 

I can live with that for now.

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