Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Wake Up Call

I am going to stay on my CrossFit schedule for Christmas.  I am going to just plan on getting up around the same time on Christmas morning that I usually get up for my workouts.


I expect the kids to pull no punches AGAIN this year.  I see the the kids getting up early, making a shit ton of noise and then making damn sure that we are up and entering the World of Mass Present Destruction way earlier than we should.  I will make sure that the timer of the coffee pot is set to EARLY AS F**K and that the pot is full.  Will I even get a chance to pee before being rushed off to the living room?  Better make sure the battery on the camera is charged since lots of blurry photos will be taken! 

Yes, Yes, I will have on underwear.  I will be wearing more than a wife beater as I watch the kids rip open boxes so fast that pieces go flying everywhere.  How many screams of "That's Mine" or "Lenox Get Off" will be heard before the sun comes up?  In the middle of all the craziness one kid will blurt out "When Is Breakfast?" and then another kid will holler "I Don't Want That!"  

It wont be snowing, it wont be raining (maybe) and maybe just maybe the sun will come out.  The will be a great chance and some tears being shed over present overload.  Kids may fight.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure the kids will fight.  Things will be lost.  I'm sure that will happen.  But the forecast says there is 100% chance of fun.  

The 4 C's will be having so much fun and the place will look like a tornado hit and you know what?  I won't give a shit about the tornado and I won't care about the mess and I won't care about all the other craziness.  I'm going to enjoy it more than I ever have before.  I'm going to soak up the fun and let the kids be kids.  

I'm going to act a fool and act like a kid too.  And by 9am  will be ready for a nap.

Have a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 



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