Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do You Disney?

I am a huge fan of Disney.  I love the movies.  I love the messages they try to deliver to the kids.  I love the Characters and how they stay with kids almost seems like forever.

As time goes on, I think some of us maybe lose kind of forget all of the great Disney movies that came out long ago. I know I have.

For instance, Cinderella and Snow White are two classic Disney movies.  I know how awesome they are and all the wonderful things that came from them.  But if you find me on an average, stop me in the street and ask me my favorite Disney movies I wouldn't name them.  They just wouldn't come to my mind that fast.  After taking the kids to see Frozen this weekend, I started thinking about the Disney movies that were my favorites.  I started wondering what movies made my Top 5 All Time Disney Kids Movies?

So I thought about it.

This is what I came up with. My Top 5 Disney Kids Movies

5.  Frozen -  This movies that just came out was cute from the start.  I love how it played the  sisterly love card and carried it on from there.  The movie was filled with song and dance.  Some parts made me think of what a Disney Grease would sound like.  You never knew what to expect with this movie.  Who was good, who was bad, who would save the day?  Many times I looked back and saw C1 and C2 laughing.  I looked over and saw C3 smiling.  C4, well he didn't move and inch or make a sound till the movie was just about over.  I'd say that's a good sign.  T and I kept looking at each other and laughing at the multiple funny moments in the movie.  Olaf the Snowman will be the favorite for the kids I'm sure.

4.  Cars - Just the first one.  A story about overcoming all the obstacles to get what is important only to find out that what was important was right in front of him.  Making a movie about all the different kinds of vehicles and the personalities was a great move.  The movie shows that winning isn't everything if you have to go above and beyond the rules.  Also had the truthfulness in the way that it showed how small towns have become less and less available as the bigger cities grow.  Also finding that true friendship.  Lightening McQueen pairs up with Mater and the two have adventures galore.

3.  Toy Story - I love this entire series but it can't get any better than the first time Woody and Buzz meet.  This is like the ultimate dream for a kid.  All the best toys and then when not around the Toys come alive!  I love how Disney picked all the toys to add from even when I was a kid.  And the way Andy loved his toys, that is hard to find now at times with a lot of children falling prey to the World of electronics.  And another classic example of how Disney makes the friendship of two characters the biggest story line.  Buzz and Woody saving each other from crazy boy Sid.

2.  Beauty and The Beast - This has always been one of my favorites if not my all time favorite.  This movie is so great.  Starts off with the musical aspect of it all and lead Belle to a place where she will soon discover what love it and during this time she will teach the Beast how to find love in his heart.  It's funny too how the jerk guy Gustav tries to bully Belle into loving him instead.  The staff of the Beast is also so much fun.  The singing makes this a fun movie and even though some of it may be a little dark for the younger kids, it spreads a good message of how true love wins.

1.  Wall - E - If you have seen this movie then you can guess why I love it.  It's nothing but a fun story about how a little robot that collects all the garbage and blocks it up to recycle it ends up saving Earth.  As every human leaves for space where they don't have to do anything for themselves, Earth is left with a pile of junk adding up.  Soon Eva is sent to collect data to see if life exists on the planet.  The spaceship that everyone lives on is taken over by sinister robots that don't want to go back to Earth and at that point Wall-E and Eva have to take action along with other friendly robots.  This movie teaches so much about friendship and gets deep regarding how to treat the place that we live.  How to care for the planet.  I loved using this movie as a early guide on how to make Earth a better place for the kids.

Well that is MY Top 5.  Like I said, I know there are so many Disney Kids Movies to choose from and I could probably interchange some like Monsters Inc, Nemo, Fantasia just to name a few.

What are your favorites?

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