Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Than A Three Tour

So C2 and I got through security and made it to our gate.  As we waited to board we talked, we laughed and then we waited a little more as our flight was delayed.

As we sat on the plane and we flew to San Antonio C2 played his gaming device and I listened to music and tried to avoid the overly large male ass that kept getting closer and closer to my face as the 6'6 male across the aisle from us liked to get up a lot.  Thank goodness he moved.

We landed.  We met my Mom and Dad (Nanny and PawPaw) and then we drove to the house.  First thing C2 did when we got to the house was look for the Elf on The Shelf (Freddy) and it didn't take him long.  We were both tired so he went to bed and then I did some paperwork with my parent for the new vehicle T and I were getting from them.

Woke up ready for an adventure of a 14-15 hour drive back to West Ga.  The Yukon Denali was already loaded and ready to go.  I know C2 was excited for the drive and the adventure.  He talked about it before we even got there and he was looking forward to making stops at the visitor centers along the way.

And we were off.

As were were about to get out of Texas....We encountered the City of Beaumont.  Now no one likes Beaumont unless you are from Beaumont (Still question you) or you are looking to leave Texas and you know this is the last place as you exit.  So we stopped at the State Visitor Center and C2 loved it. This kids hates pictures, really.  But he let me get a few of him. 

He even posed. Damn. Who is this kid that is letting me take his pictures. 

We then made it into Louisiana and boy do I hate that State.  We loved crossing over all the bridges and there are some big tall ones and long ones as we drove across the land.

Here is C2 at the Louisiana Visitor Center.  Didn't stay long.  Didn't want to get sick or anything.

We drove and drove and drove.

We got hungry.  And none of you will believe me but we wanted to eat Cracker Barrel and wouldn't you know it but we couldn't find one.  I tried to get off an exit for one but we missed it.  I figured that there would be one on any of the other hundred exits. NOPE.  You see them all the time, until you want one. 

We finally decided to stop and eat at the Olive Garden. Got us a grilled chicken salad and rested out butts and legs and stretched out for a bit while eating.

That was in Hammond, LA.  Then it was on for the last part of the trip.

C2 FINALLY decided to get some rest.  He laid back and went to sleep and got him a good dose of the shut eye.  Man, let me tell you..that is a long drive.  As I got closer, I told myself there is no way in hell I am stopping unless it is to sit somewhere and rest for a while.  I was not about to get a hotel and waste time being that close.  Once I got within 5 hours left, I was making it.

Then we got within 2 hours left and I was like...Gotta make it. Gotta make it.

Then it happened.  2:30am Sunday morning we made it into the driveway and we were home.  T opened the door for us, C2 went to bed, I climbed in bed and T said it didn't take long for me to start snoring.  The 14-15 hour trip lasted 17 full hours but that included all the stops.

We were happy to be home.  The rest of the C's were happy we were home.  The animals were happy we were home.

And T was happy this was now home

Thanks for the new ride Mom and Dad, T loves it and it has already been turned into a Reindeer.  

The kids are also happy to have a bigger more roomier ride.

That was a fun adventure with C2.  It started with a great flight and ended with a fun drive back to Ga.



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