Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Is Not Your Beyonce's Halo

This was too funny.  Now normally T won't get aggravated over something silly on tv but yesterday she made a comment about a commercial she saw.  I had no idea what she was referring to until she showed me the actual commercial.

I laughed.  Now I didn't get all fired up like *cough cough* she did, but I did say that the child in the tv commercial was a little bit of an asshole.

So here is the one she was referring to

Damn this little girl from coming over with her little smart ass attitude and talking to her parents like this. Who bought the damn Halos in the first place.  So while the parents look all shocked and can't figure out what to say.....these responses came to mind

"We bought them, we will eat them all!"
"Watch this" *Throws Halos across the soccer field* 

I do have to say that the scene of the parents jumping through the sprinklers was funny.

Then I saw this one. 

Ok. Now while the dad playing in the tub with floaties and rubber duckies is something that I may or may not do, the man sweater has to Not the point I know, but I have to reference it.  I will stand in my kitchen and eat those Halos and if that kid appears out of no where and scares the shit out of me, I will go all Chuck Norris on his little ass.  After his 10 foot tall and bullet proof mouth finished I would have told him..

"Yes, it is ok for me to do that in the bath, WHILE I eat these f-ing Halos"
"Boy you scare me again like that and I will flush you down the toilet"

I also saw one that was too damn funny. 

This kid has his arms crossed like he is going to whoop his dads ass.  Like uncross those damn arms before I beat you with them. Boy...And yes. I broke that race car bed so what, you mom and I got busy in that bed crazy freaky like that is why it broke. BOOM.  

So why on Earth does the Halo company think that these commercials are even cute?  I mean, sure you laugh and you talk about the kids and how "Awwe, they are so cute"  Bullshit.  If your kid or kids really talked to you like that what are you going to do?  Are you going to look at them and walk off? No, you are going to do what you do!  Parent.  The only funny and cute part about the commercial spots are when they show the parents doing goofy shit.  Kids are already rude and disrespectful at times, why give them extra ammo. 

I really think the commercials are not doing them any good or really any harm.  They are just there.  Sure they got me to talk about them, but I am no one big, I just talk all kinds of shit about everything.  But what was really funny was that the commercial spot got T to do that thing with her eyebrow where it raises up.  Just the one brow.  The thing she does that makes you step back and choose your words carefully. 

Yeah that!  

*Disclaimer*  I do not endorse any mental or physical harm to your children or my own and comments made on this blog by me are just a bunch of trash talk.  We all know my kids rule me and probably would kick my ass if I touched the Halos. 

Kiss The Baby



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