Thursday, December 11, 2014

I had my moment.

We all have our own little "DAMN AUTOCORRECT" moments and I had mine just the other morning.  Thank goodness it was a text sent to my wife T.

Usually every morning it's a given that I take Lenox (our Boxer) out before I head out to CrossFit.  Well he was hacking and throwing up the other morning and I still got him out so he could do his business.

I was leaving and at the stop sign in the front of the neighborhood, I decided to leave T a text message but it was faster for me to speak it then type it.  Before I show you what I sent her, after some time in CrossFit I got back in the car and looked at my phone.  I had a message from her that read......

"OK keep your dick in your pants please ;)"

What the hell. I was like, dick in my ok.

Went home and looked at T and asked her why the smart ass text messages this morning?

Then she proceeded to tell me about my text to her in the morning.

So Lenox corrects to dick. Lesson learned.




Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Boys Journey To A Special CrossFit Charity Wod

We all know the story.

Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with the girl.  Boy marries the girl.  Girl has babies.  Life is great, living in a nice house with a brown picket fence.

Then it happened.  The boys brain, which he hadn't really used all that much gets a new tenant.  Glioblastoma, an aggressive Cancer.

Then his life plans are altered.  His life is still great though.  His awesome wife never left his side and his kids became even more valuable then they were before.  He quickly found out who his "friends" were and which "friends" were more like "family".

He then sets sights on a new mission in life.  He wants to make sure that other people who have these brain squatters have a way to evict them and beat them at their own game.  He also feels that he should show support for the other people affected by the brain squatters.

So here we are now.  Boy needs help.  Boy needs your help.  This help doesn't directly help the boy but those just like the boy.

Don't be the boy.  Be the one that joins the boy in kicking the squatters ass out of every brain out there.  FOR GOOD.

Here is how...

TeamThisDaddy Fundraiser Page

All of the boys efforts along with your help goes to The Flatwater Foundation.

and a special CrossFit Charity Wod will take place on January 31st during the The Fittest Games 2015.

*Thanks to Bobby Brooks for asking me to do this and you can also donate to his team as well*

*Thanks to the Fittest Games for making The Flatwater Foundation a part of your event*

*Thanks to The Flatwater Foundation for caring about people like me*



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Start Of Our Amazing Race

So from late June / mid August we had to keep the secret from the kids that we were going to California.  California, a state that the kids had often said they wanted to go visit.  Not to mention all of the things that we were going to be doing while there.

The morning has arrived and we are up long before the sun with the 4 C's wondering why there are suitcases in the truck.  After we parked, we unloaded our bags and made way for the ticket counters.  Just about there I realized that I didn't have my license.  I ran back to the truck like I was in a CrossFit 400m sprint.  Then when we finally get inside and get to the counters we check in and get our tickets.  "Damn it" I yelled.  I forgot C4's car seat, so I had to run back to the truck again.  So much for not sweating before getting on a plane.  T and I decided that we would wait and video the kids reaction while at the airport.  We thought that would be classic.  Asking for the longest time and T and I kept telling them we were going on a trip.  It was funny that when at the airport I had to make sure no one made any comments about our destination until we actually told the kids.

The moment of truth.  Sitting and waiting for the plane to board, I got my phone out and started the camera and we proceeded to tell the kids about the Jack and Jill Foundation and what they stood for and how they helped families like us out.

So the kids now knew that it was the great state of California to which we were headed.  It was kind of amusing that the kids had said they knew it all along.  A short plane trip to Houston and then another to San Diego would be our flight plan.  Armed with excited kids and little Nintendo's we were off.

I sit next to these two, C2 and C3. 

While T get C1 and C4

That is a hot one right there.

He had 5am early morning breath.

C4 didn't last long.

Next thing you know we were landing in California and it was morning all over again.  Now the fun would actually begin.  Off to find our bags and then to the shuttle for the rental car.  

I can say this, San Diego from the minute we landed and walked off the plane was every bit as awesome as we were told it would be.

Next post I will start telling you about how we got our adventure rolling.




Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All We Need Is A Little WOW! In Our Lives

I was fortunate to have Dr. Mark McLaughlin as my Radiologists at Kennestone Hospital for so many reasons.  After seeing him daily for over a month, and meeting T and the C's he did two very special things for us not counting being a part of saving my life. Dr. McLaughlin invited all of us to meet some of the Atlanta Falcons at the hospital one evening and that was awesome. Like a dream for me.  The other thing he did was something that I would have never ever dreamed of.

One day a nurse of Dr. McLaughlin's had come to talk to me about a program.  Saying that the doctor wanted to submit my families name to a foundation that did special things for families of those that had terminal illness' and young children.  So T and I filled out the paperwork, figuring what's the worst that could happen?  Not get picked and we live on, I was OK either way.

Fast forward to June and we had already moved to Texas.  I remember the day and getting the phone call from a woman named Heidi.  Heidi explained that she was the Executive Director and started telling me about the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.

When a person finds out they have a terminal illness, their lives and the lives of their family are taken and shaken and flipped up inside out.  Often the focus is on the the actual patient and what they need.  People tend to somewhat forget about what the spouse needs or what are the children missing out on.  Usually a person will make a "bucket list" of things THEY want to do before they maybe pass on.  What JAJF (Jack and Jill Foundation) does is treat the entire family to chance to make what they call "WOW! Experiences".  The WOWs give children who may lose a mom or dad the chance to step back and get away from the pain while creating memories as a complete family while they can still do this together.

So now after Heidi tells T and I about the foundation she starts asking us questions about us and the kids and things that we like to do and places we have gone.  To be honest with you T and I thought this was an interview type thing and we were still moving along in the process of maybe being selected.  Answers we are giving Heidi are those that consist of the beach, Disney World, and other places we have gone and things we have done with the kids. Then it hit us like a bus.

"How about we send you all to San Diego, California?"  T and I look at each other and are shocked and stunned.  We had no idea this was coming.  "We can send you to San Diego and you can do the Zoo and LegoLand and hit the beach."  It didn't take long for us to tell her "YES".  Heidi says she will email us and send us some things to fill out and she would call us again in the future. Telling us to think of a date that we may have in mind.

So after little consideration and much planning by Heidi the dates were set having us leaving on Thursday August 21st and coming back Sunday August 24th.  Now since everything was set in place for a great WOW! Experience, the hardest part was going to be keeping it a secret from the 4 C's.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pass That Shit On

So I was at CrossFit this morning getting ready for the workout of the day.

A lot of the times during my own little pre warm up I close my eyes and think about things.  Things like will the wod be hard?  Will I be able to do this or that or what weight will I go with since I am just getting back into the game.

Today when I got to Hill Country CrossFit I was a little bit early.  As I sat in the car I heard Coach Jerry yelling and I was immediately filled with nerves.  I was STILL IN MY CAR and heard him.  The 7 a.m. class is filled with some tough ass athletes.  "What is he yelling about?" I thought to myself.  Oh well, time to get in there.

Often I wonder if I use this fucking Brain Cancer shit as an excuse in my CrossFit life.  Like yesterday in my "Reality Check" I acknowledged that while I don't feel like I have Brain Cancer, I know I do.  Guess what I'm saying is that it's time to sac up and do what I love to do and that is throw some shit around and get stronger, fitter, faster and smarter.

I have been a follower of The Fittest Games which is a competition hosted by CrossFit Central in Austin, Tx. for sometime now.  In it's 8th year now the theme for the Games is Courage.  Shit, that is great.  I have Courage.  I have that.  Not that I am entering any kind of CrossFit competition or anything.

Then I saw this and it woke me up.

I do all of that.  I take risks.  I am compassionate.  I am definitely humble.  And I stand by my integrity of who I am.  I am not limited by what my Cancer does to me but stronger for what it still allows me to do.  I have the courage to get my ass up and go hit the box.  I have the courage to go get yelled at by Coach Jerry!

And Coach Jerry yells at us with words of courage and enthusiasm.  Motivation and belief that we can finish what we started.  Coach Jerry wasn't yelling to scare anyone, he was yelling as if he was on our shoulder telling us to keep going, don't quit.

He was yelling like he was in my ear saying "Don't quit Scott, fuck that Cancer and never let it be an excuse."

Courage, we all have it.  Pass that shit on.





Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's all about the time I have with you

There are times when we do ordinary little things as people and our minds start to drift. We get taken to different places in our own personal lives and we either use that as an escape or use it as a reality check.

I had one of those moments today.

As I was mowing the grass, I was listening to music and then a song came on to make me think about the one person in this world I couldn't live without. This happens a lot with music.  I love music.  Music makes me think.  I had not heard this song in a long time but I remembered that I actually liked the song.  What struck me was it was a cover band that was singing, and they had slowed the song down to a more mellow style.  The words to the song made more sense to me now as to before when I  was mimicking the song and singing along with it.

I started tearing up as the song went on.  Never before had I LISTENED to the song.  Every line in this song represents who I want to be for T.

And it made me think of this.  Fuck this Cancer shit.  I don't even feel like I have Brain Cancer.  But the reality of my life is that I DO have Brain Cancer.  And the reality of it is that with my kind of Brain Cancer I may go any day.  It's the truth.  I probably won't, but hell you never know.

So I will walk as many miles as I need to for T and the 4 C's to make sure I live as long as I can until I fall down at that door.

Living with Brain Cancer is my Reality Check.





Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clays For Cara

You could call it Suns Out Guns Out!

Or you could say that on October 4th, 2014 there will be more TREATING  and less tricking!

Since being here in Texas we have been fortunate enough to receive so much help and generosity from so many different directions.  Some of the help is coming from The Cara Hobbs Foundation.  Clays For Cara was organized in 2010 as a way to help Cara and her family in the tough times while she battled Brain Cancer.  Anyone who has had Cancer or a loved one with Cancer knows how much support is needed.  Whether that comes in the forms of money, dinners, gas cards for trips or even visits from others, support is support and that is all there is to it.

Cara Hobbs passed away in March of 2011 from Brain Cancer.  In 2011 the Clays for Cara event achieved a goal of raising enough money to set up the Cara Ann Hobbs Endowment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

How our family got involved with the Cara Hobbs Foundation is a crazy story from the beginning but it shows just how much the community around us is so caring and tight-knit.  I had only been CrossFitting at Hill Country CrossFit  for a couple weeks when Coach Laura Roberson mentioned and told me about Clays for Cara.  She asked if she could give my families name to the people there for future consideration to receive assistance from them.  I told her "sure".  Just to be thought of by people and still being new in the area felt great.

That is when I came home talked to T and told her what Coach Laura had told me.  Time went by and then one day I got a phone from the Cara Hobbs Foundation Director Andrew Watson.  I had a great conversation with Andrew about the Foundation and he had told me that my family was one of the families that was chosen.  He discussed with me the details of what when on and how the chosen families were helped.  I told him it was just great to be selected and to be able to join a community that stands for something I believe in, which is finding a way to help families that are dealing with Cancer and making Brain Cancer more known.

Since then I have met with Andrew in person and expressed my gratitude.  It will be such a great honor to be a family that is helped by a Foundation that was created for a strong woman, mother and wife such as Cara Hobbs.  I hope to meet Justin and their daughters also to thank them as well.

The Clays for Cara event is being held on October 4th.  This is an event where there will be Clay Shooting along with a dinner and also some auctions. You can check out the main site at Clays For Cara to find out all of the information and you can even sign up for the newsletter.

If you like to shoot anything, register to come shoot some Clays.  If you like to eat, register for the dinner.  Maybe you like doing both!  I'm not getting in your way of signing up.  Even if you can't make it to the event, register and donate to help anyone of these families.

Follow Clays for Cara on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

October 4th will be here soon, make sure you jump on this!

Kiss The Baby




Wednesday, July 16, 2014


There are those of us who fall on tough times.  Whether we do it to ourselves or it just happens out of the blue.

It's when those bad things happen in life, you find out who you can lean on and who you can trust in the blink of an eye.  You also find out who disappears from your life in the same blink of that eye.  I have come across both in my life since finding out on March 3rd, 2014 that I was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma, a fast spreading and aggressive type of Brain Cancer.

This affected my whole family.  And since then I have had friends, family and even people I don't know come to our aid.  Things like phone calls, tweets, facebook messages and cards have flooded in and made me feel so good and even cry.  We have been given food, gift cards, cash, CrossFit shirts, and even visits from friends who came from Ohio and Canada.  All of these were a reminder that people do care about others.

During our first visit to MD Anderson, we learned about a 5K called the Brain Power 5K.  We automatically wanted to do the 5K and found one that was close to us.  The Brain Power 5k 2014 in Cedar Park, Texas  is an event used to help raise money and bring people together in support of Brain Cancer research.  T and I set up a TEAM SCOTT page where anyone can register and join in with us on September 7th in Cedar Park, Tx. or you can easily donate as well to anyone on our team.  After setting up the team page we decided that we wanted to have something special for all of us that were doing the 5K and those who are great enough to support us no matter where they are.

When T, the 4 C's and I moved to Texas at the end of May we were fortunate enough to meet a select group of individuals that we have known and talked to for months and years, but never got the chance to meet in person.  We all share a connection and special bond in more ways than one.  Family, CrossFit and the betterment of life.  One family has gone out of their way to turn something so bad into something so special for us and many more.

That brings in the Brooks Family.  Bobby and his wife Kristy are two awesome people. Bobby who many know as RealDoubleBee in the Social Media World specializes in Online Marketing and Strategy and Kristy is a genius in Graphics Design.

T and I wanted to do t-shirts that would show how we all were part of Team Scott.  Bobby and Kristy came up with some ideas and designs for the shirts.  T and I loved the ideas and then the wheels started spinning.  Graphics were texted and emailed.  Then it was settled.  This is what we decided to run with.

Here is what the front of the shirt looks like.
We love the Powered by the 4C's.
On the back we have the hashtag that I started
saying when I found out that I had Brain Cancer.

Here is the finished product.
If you want a Team Scott shirt 
you can get your own right here
I need to thank Kong Screenprinting for donating the printing services.  Without them doing that I don't know if this would be possible.  Bobby and Kristy have worked with them in the past and have said nothing but great things about them so I am thrilled and excited to see the shirts and get them on my back and yours.
So join me, my family and friends on September 7th in Cedar Park, Tx. and we can walk, run, jog and get to the finish line however you want and help the fight against Brain Cancer.  If I can do a 5k so can you, TRUST ME!

All profits from the sale of these shirts go directly to the BrainPower5k to benefit Brain Cancer Research at MD Anderson where myself and so many others are fighting for their lives.

Special thanks to Bobby and Kristy.  T, the kids and I are so grateful for your hard work.
Thanks to Ryan at Kong.  You went above and beyond to help us out.
And to T and the 4 C's I want to let them know that I really appreciate all that they have done since March.  Never leaving my side and I love you all for that.
Kiss The Baby




Saturday, July 5, 2014

Now A Texas Family

WOW.  That is just one of the words I can use to describe this right now.  I have not blogged since May 3rd.  A lot has happened since then.  SO MUCH.

T, the C's and I packed up our house and the movers came and hauled all of our shit to Texas.  When I say "All of our shit"  we have so much stuff. Just about took up the whole United Movers truck.  A great friend John M. came and drove the other vehicle for us to Texas.

We made it to Texas and what a trip that was but we made it.  We have been here since the beginning of June and we have adjusted well to being here.  The kids are having fun here.  They get to swim every few days and also they can ride their bikes more here because the driveway is longer and the area doesn't have a ton of cars driving like crazy people.  T and I are getting used to the area too.  She is the driver and she already knows how to get to the places we need.  We all go walking around the neighborhood after dinner and the kids rides the bikes too.

This was just a bit of news to try and get back into the blogger frame of mind.

So we are now a Texas family and we will see what happens from here.




Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's May and do you know what that means?

Well, it has been a long while since I last wrote.  But there is no better day to pick to get back and write something than today

MAY 3rd

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month and Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  Years and months ago I would have not known this and maybe would have never even given it a thought.  Growing up I knew about other types of Cancer but never Brain Cancer.  Then on March 3, 2014 that all changed.  It all changed for T, the 4 C's and the rest of my family.  I hope it changed for my friends also in the manner that they will now think of Brain Cancer when they hear the word "Cancer".

"Fuck Cancer" is one of my favorite things that I have recently come to love as far as phrases go.  I mean "fuck" is one of my favorite words anyways so it makes sense for me to love that.  Since March 3rd I have had some awesome personal milestones.  On April 23 I completed my six weeks of radiation and I finished all of my sessions with no major or even minor side effects.  A little hair loss on what I called the "laser spots" was all.  And that kind of sucked because I was hoping for total hair loss.  But that is ok, like I say #BetterThanDying.  Then on April 29th I took the last of my Chemo pills and I now have a month off before I have to start taking them again, but this time I only have to take them 5 times a month instead of 7 days a week.  That will be great.

I feel so lucky to be feeling so good.  My body and mind and spirits are feeling so good right now and there are so many reasons for that.  I sometimes find myself thinking "I have fucking Brain Cancer?"  How do I have this and I am not sick, not tired, not grumpy and depressed?  I'm not sure what the hell is going on but all the doc's have told me I have Brain Cancer so I guess I do.

I am going to write some more in the next few days about things I have done to help me feel this good. Things I have taken to make my body feel this good.  I want to help others.  I want May to mean something more than just a month for me now.  I want to be able to use my Brain Cancer as a way to FINALLY make a difference in other peoples lives.  If I can help a child, an adult, the parents of a child or a family member, I want to be that person.

All my life I wanted to be a person that helped others....

In my next post maybe you all can use it as a way to spread my message to others and not just see me for the asshole that I used to be.

Thanks to all of you that read and have read and that continue to check back.  Sorry I was absent for a bit.

                                          With Brain Cancer◦


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Throwing out Thanks and I am starting with them........

Ok. I have written enough sad and sentimental post about this Brain Cancer Bullshit so far.  And while I do appreciate you all following along and reading and sticking with me along my journey, it is time to get back to my regularly scheduled crazy ass writing and throw some thanks around.

I was told many times in the hospital by nurses and doctors that my fitness level and the shape I was in was a primary factor of why I was able to recover so fast and why I was able to get my ass up and out of that damn hospital bed and stand on my own two feet so fast.  They wanted me to pee while laying down.

"FUCK NO"  I am not pee'ing while sitting in a bed.

You can't walk to that toilet they said...."Ummm, kiss my ass! Watch me" as I walked to the toilet and pee'd and I ever made the joke that if you shake it more than twice you are playing with it.  Well, I had a shake party. lol

My fitness.  They knew about my fitness from the CrossFit band I had on my left wrist.  I think I even made a point to ask everyone that came in to look after me if they did CrossFit.  I have done CrossFit for years.  Either at home in my garage or at the wonderful Box of CrossFit Boiler Room in Villa Rica.

I had originally started learning about CrossFit from the Internet and finding blogs and sites to learn from.  The first site I actually started reading and following along besides the CrossFit Main Site was CrossFit Cedar Park in the Austin, Tx. area.  I remember leaving a comment on a post by Nikki Isbell years ago when I started. She and the Master David Tillman helped educate me as well.  After much research online and finding people on twitter, a woman by the name of Paige or on twitter she is know as @GasFamily started throwing me hooks with worms on them to reel me into the wonderful World of CrossFit.  She out of nowhere started offering me suggestions and workouts and ways to learn more about CrossFit and get better at it as well.

Paige never gave up on me through the magical ways of the Internet.

So, as the doc's and nurses and everyone else told me that my CrossFit Fitness Way of Life was a huge part of what saved my life.....I had to do the only thing that I knew how to do and that was talk shit and of course offer thanks to

Paige aka @GasFamily and Nikki Isbell and the CrossFit Cedar Park Family.

Myself, T and the kids owe you all for your love of CrossFit and the ability to spread the love to those of us that are just learning or still learning.

CrossFit Strong.  Cancer isn't killing CrossFit and Cancer is killing me and I am still CrossFit.

There will be more posts of me thanking a lot more of you, trust me.....It's coming.



Friday, March 14, 2014

Session Number One of Radiation Treatment.

Thursday March 13th is a day that will be added to the memory banks of my brain.

Wait.  Maybe not. I had Brain Surgery and I have Grade 4 GBM Brain Cancer.  Do I even have a brain?  Will I have a brain when it is all said and done?  Guess we will see.

I had my first session of Radiation Treatment.  Is that what I call it.....a "session"? shit I don't know, but I think I can call it whatever the fuck I want to at this point.

So, they make this mask to fit over my head and lock my into place on the table for the laser beams to zap me and get the Cancer cells to go away. (More on this over the weekend)  My first session was actually ok.  Getting there was not easy.  I started to freak out a bit on the ride over and snapped at T and the kids a couple times.  I was getting nervous and scared and just wanted to go home. FOR REAL....I have been know to quit but I have to fight for them

T and the 4 C's. 

So I get in the Radiation Center and I get ready and then its on.  They explain everything to me and tell me how its going to go and we get rolling.  Again, everyone is so nice.  

I lay on the table and they lock me into place.  Music is playing and we are off to a good start.  The Beach Boys...hell yeah.  Then a song from Heart plays and I am thinking they are trying to kill me instead of help me.  WTF man.....Heart????  Then we get back to the good stuff and another Beach Boys song comes on.  That was close.  I get a little nervous and start to move my hands and the dude says "We are almost done, try to stay still"  (So much for the Adavant working that didn't do shit so far to relax me) and then I thought the World was going to end.  All I asked for when they asked me about music was "NO COUNTRY" and wouldn't you know it.......COUNTRY cam on.  But again I was saved and my session was over midway through the song.

Up and out and it was like less than the 30 minutes.

"That wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible" I told myself.  Got a little locked up but didn't freak out.  Might need to take 2 Adavant for Session 2.  Asked a few questions about the Radiation that I wanted to know and then I was on my way up to get back with T and the kids.  My Radiation will not affect my sex life....Thank god.  I am a freak in the sheets and a man in the streets.  Ahhh hell, I am a freak in the streets too but whatever.  And some rumor about double flushing does not apply to me unless I have a serious funked up session of the toilet variety.

T and I decided that starting on March 13th the first day of my Radiation Sessions that we are going to take daily pic's.  One of me and T.  One of me and the C's and then one of all of us.  Daily reminders of life, love and happiness. 

T, the 4 C's and Lenox.

Damn, we are a good looking family. 

So there ya have it.  Session #1 went better than expected and I am ready for Session #2.

I will be adding more this weekend.



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Beginning of Brain Cancer......Part 2

If you need to be refreshed or need to catch up you can go to this link below and start from the beginning.

Battle of Brain Cancer Part 1

Damn it. Being told my head was cut open and stapled back shut was not fun to hear.  Seeing my wife and parents and buddy John was awesome.

Hearing about a tumor being cut out of my head. Not fun.

Standing up on my own two feet and being able to pee in a cup was awesome.

Finding out my shoulder was popping in and out...sucked ass.  Having a tube and shit drain out of my head....Not cool.  My nurses and doc's that would check on my all the time....ROCKED!!

So...Here are a few pic's from the hospital.  Cry if you want.  But laugh more at how shitty I look.  I was more concerned about my body looking so UNCrossFit like while being in that bed.  Arms shrinking and belly growing and legs losing size....I know my priorities are out of whack but that is me and how I am.  I worked hard to have a .000000005% body like Rich Froning and now it was down to .00000000001%.  So much for me winning the 2014 CrossFit Games. #BetterThanDying

So, I don't think they are making me into a 
Million Dollar CrossFit Man here. Just a guess.

This machine is not comparing my Open Scores to
rest of the field. 

Damn. I don't look any better here than before. 

Well, Hello Kitty. 

My Buddy John who drove from OHIO to make
sure I was ok and to actually keep Tracy from losing her mind.

I don't care if it's blurry, this is me and my 
She is that bad ass. Better than a half.

This is a nasty ass cut line. 30+ staples. 
I named myself "ZipperHead"

Post Hospital pic with the C's.
Other than T, my whole reason for living. 

I love the people in this pic more than I love myself.  
They are the only reasons I am even trying to fight and beat this
Brain Cancer.

So, there are some pic's.

I mean I don't even know what else to say.  I was hooked up to all kinds of stuff and then not hooked up.  I didn't like the fact that they had to pull a drain port out of my head, but I didn't like it being in there either so...whatever. 

I heard from people that I curse a lot.  The F word to be exact. FUCK. Yes, that one.  T told me she just now realized that I had legs.  All the years of me CrossFitting and working out she didn't realize that I had muscular legs until I lay in a hospital bed. I found that to be funny. 

I was also delighted to see that all of my body hair had grown back....Not really.  I was not happy with the nasty hamburger that I was fed.  I did love the jello though.  

Most importantly I was pleased to find out how everyone came together to support T while she spent so much time at the hospital.  T and the kids are everything to me.  I live and have lived my life trying to be a great husband and father.  Knowing that T and the kids were being taken care of while I was just sitting in a hospital bed made me feel better.

I will end this part of the story with this, I don't have any idea of all of the people that came to see us.  I know a good majority of you came up while I was knocked out.  To those of you that came up while I was out, thank you so much.  To those of you that I actually saw, thank you.

To those of you that came to show support and love to T, thank you.  To those of  you that also showed support to my mom and dad who flew in from Texas, thank you.

More to come. 



Friday, March 7, 2014

It's Not Rocket Science

It's Actually Brain Surgery

Events as I remember them................And yes it may jump around a bit. Sorry.

Well. Today is March 6th and it has been a while since I have actually written, blogged or done anything that I would consider creative.

So today I am going to be creative and start my story of what happened to me.  Some of this will be a shock to you, some of this will not since a lot of you were right by my side as this was all happening.

Wednesday February 19th started as a normal ordinary day.  I woke up and got the day rolling just like every other day.  So here is what I remember.....

2-3 pm on the 19th of February  I can remember sitting at my desk and talking to T on the phone as she was returning home from an appointment with the kids.  I was eating lunch at the same time.  I hung up with T as she pulled into the driveway and I finished eating my lunch which was some fish nachos.


I remember waking up in a hospital bed looking at my T, my parents and my buddy John who drove from Ohio....T told me my first words when I woke up in recovery was "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME?!!!"

I still to this day am not really clear on what happened.  I was at work in my office one minute and the next I am fucking waking up in a hospital bed with everyone staring at me.  Shit hooked in my arms, my head...Yeah my damn head. I had a tube coming out of my head.  IV's in both arms.  I remember sitting up and trying to get comfortable.  I can also remember wondering about the kids.  I hate being somewhere and not knowing where our kids are.  I see T and no kids.  Damn.  What has happened to me?

"You had a seizure at work!" T tells me.  "AT WORK!" I said.  For the love of God, all the places for me to fall out and something happen.  WORK..That figures. 12 years hard work, millions of hours and I have to have a damn seizure at work. oh well. I'm at the hospital now.

The very next thing I remember is a nurse pulling a catheter out of my dick.  Yeah, what man wouldn't remember that.  That is never a great feeling but when it is finally out and the feeling of pee'ing and relief hits, that is a beautiful thing.  I was then able to stand up against the bed and pee standing up with T and John and my dad holding onto my arms.  I was standing.  Felt great to be out of that bed.  I wanted to walk over to the toilet and pee but they wouldn't let me...Screw that.  I am not laying in bed and pee'ing in a cup.

Then I find out more bad news........Where to start.  I found out that I had lost something very dear to me.
My damn Garage Games One shirt from the 2013 Games.  I was so pissed to find out that they had to cut my shirt.  But thanks to Joe Bragg and his awesomeness he contacted the store that handles the Garage Games merchandise and they had me a shirt, the same exact one and a pair of shorts sent to my house.  That was awesome.  I loved that.  I had lost a belt and I think some jeans, but I was alive.  That is the great news.

I had hot nurses' and doctors and male nurses' were hot too. YES... "Scott you had a seizure and brain surgery" I was being told.  Ok. That explains the 30+ staples in my fucking head.  Man, I'm sure T is scared shitless, the kids are at home with her mom and my parents had to rush a flight in from Texas.  I love how everyone jumps for me but not like this.  Why do I have to scare people.  John "MassHole" Massie drove from Ohio...Damn.

How did a semi ok below average CrossFit Athlete like myself have a seizure with no warning?  No headaches or anything.

Well. This is Part One.  I will do more and more will be added as I can recall and as I am told.  I do find it funny that I was told over and over that I was very combative with the ER staff as they had to try and wrestle me down to get me taken care of.  I knew I could kick all y'alls ass. Just not in CrossFit. lol

Probably not my best writing I have ever done, I just want to include you all in my story as I can remember it best and keep true to myself....Try to stay funny in the hard times.

More to come.



Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Day That May Save The World.

Can it be February 7th already please.

I know I ask for a lot for myself mostly since I am selfish and all but please for the safety of my home and family can February 7th hurry up and get here.

For those of you that don't know on February 7th this much anticipated and anxiously awaited feature film is hitting theaters ....

Yes. The Lego Movie.  My kids are so stoked to see this. Have been since the very first day they heard about it.  They have the poster.  They have the minifigures.  They have the remote in hand and rewinding the dvr every time a commercial comes on for the movie.

They are excited to see this but to be completely honest, I AM TOO. 

You can go here Everything Is Awesome Song and listen to the great little catchy tune that is in the movie. 

Watch the previews and get excited along with us.

or this one..

February 7th does need to hurry. I am scared for my life that if the kids do not get to this movie soon that they are going to take over the house.  Now, I am not just scared for myself but also for T.  We are loving parents that try and do what is best for our kids but when the C's get crazy...THEY GET NUTS!  The C's are lego freaks.  Lego's in the bedrooms, in the playrooms, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, everywhere.  We are in a lego house.  I am not home during the day, I have no idea if the kids are plotting against T and I.  They say they go to sleep at night but are they really planning something to take us down.

The News and Papers and CNN and so on can say video games are ruining our kids minds and brainwashing them.  Reports from doctors can claim that too much tv and not enough reading and exercise will make your kids rot away but I have done my own research.  I have proof and factual evidence that LEGOS are making the kids crazy.  LEGOS are making the kids turn against parents and authorities and that is why all the madness is happening in the WORLD.

That is why I ask.  Please let February 7th come faster.  It will not only save the lives of T and I along with our home, but it may also save the World. 

Everything is Awesome



Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 CrossFit Games Open.....Setting The Record Straight

Well it is that time of year again.  The CrossFit Games Open 2014 has begun with the registration process starting. So grab your $20 head on over to the wonderful site that CrossFit has set up. (CrossFit Games Open)  It's easy to do, anyone can do it and you don't want to be left of of the party.  Just ask Lisbeth Darsh who wrote this piece The Party We All Get To Crash.

I am in constant conversations with my CrossFit brothers and sisters of the Community about everything that is CrossFit.  So it was all but natural when Open Registration went live on 1-15-2014 that the topics of conversations went to "Did you sign up?" or "Are you going to sign up?" and throw in the "You are going to sign up!" and I have even had a few "Sign your bitch ass up loser!" but it just isn't going to happen for me. 

Let me tell you why.

The single main reason is that as of Tuesday the 21st of January after 6:30 a.m. I will no longer be a athlete of CrossFit Boiler Room.  My six months are up and at this point and time I am just not in the place to renew my dues.  Not a life or death thing, I have equipment at home that I will still wod with.  I will still get up early and knock out my workouts, it just won't be with my usual 5 a.m. crew.  Other things need to be taken care of right now.  So being that I will not be at the box, it is just not ideal for me to take part in the Open.  What I will be doing is trying to lend support and motivation to all of those I know that are doing the Open.  

I wanted to write this and get it out there for everyone so all of you knew that I wasn't simply a bitch or chickening out or scared.  I mean I am a bitch and I would be scared but I would still do it and bust my ass and have fun doing it.  I love a challenge.  Hell, just this morning after taking nearly 20 minutes to finish a wod and failing on 175# Clean and Jerk attempt, I stepped back, took my time and then got that 10# PR on that Clean and Jerk of the 175#.  So I would give it my all and try not to come in last and even if I did, I would embrace being LAST.  Seeing my name of that leaderboard even if it was in the last spot...Shit, someone has to hold all the other names up. 

So there.  Hope you all understand and if you don't, have someone read this over for you. 

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, January 16, 2014

What defines your family?

Is there something that kind of defines your family?

Well maybe that was not the best way to put it.  Maybe not DEFINE your family but rather grabs a hold and digs into your family, makes you stop and say "That is us!"?

I think for us it is the letter C.  We went on vacation somewhere a while back and T and I saw photos and portraits of different letters.  They literally had so many different styles of each letter in the alphabet.  We of course started looking at the letter C.  We love the letter C. (If you couldn't tell)

From that point on whenever we are in public and we spot a letter C we always take notice.

And someone who I will not name just bought a big massive letter S that is on the fireplace mantle.

Me, I love representing the letter C.  I have many hats that have a C on the front.  Some of teams that I don't even like or have never even cared about but the C looks so cool, so I wear the hat.

Is there something that defines your family that you see in everyday life?

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My 2014 Goal Song

I am a musical person.  I have no musical talent except for making up my own rhymes and lyrics to songs that usually make no sense.  So all in all, I really don't have any musical talent.  But music does something to me. I find it easy to use music in a variety of ways.

One thing about the goal I set for myself for 2014, (which you can read here GOAL FOR 2014) is that I used to feel down and discouraged by the door that didn't open, the door that would shut in my face or even the door that just wont seem to open enough for me to escape the room I'm in NOW.

Have to change that.

So, I heard this song for the first time in Despicable Me 2.  Didn't think about much then but the more and more I heard this song over the past couple days, something inside of me clicked on and said "YES".  This song is my 2014 Goals Songs.  With this song in my head I can and will remember that I am what this song says.

Check it out. Turn it up loud.  Watch the video and love it.

Because I'm Happy



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cutest Thing Said To Me.............Maybe EVER!

So, I get home last night and one of the kids had heard about a call I had for a job.

He was asking me if I was taking the job.  Asking me if we were moving and getting a new house.

Had to explain to him that it wasn't enough money to switch jobs and that I was going to keep looking.  I was telling him that I had to make a certain amount to be able to provide for everyone.  It was a good chance and it was nice to have some interaction with someone about a job, but it just wasn't enough.

"I will give you the pennies out of my piggy bank"

It warms my heart to know that my 4 year old son would offer me the pennies from 
his piggy bank in order for me to have a new job.

Thanks C4.



Monday, January 6, 2014

Goal for 2014

OK. I hate "New Years Resolutions".  Why would a person wait until a set date to make a change that is meant to change you for the better.  You are doing if for your body, mind, spirit or maybe all of the above.  Maybe you don't like something about yourself and you want to change.  Maybe you want to help others and offer them a change.


I love making GOALS.  Making GOALS sounds so much better.  GOALS can also change or be adapted and increased or decreased.  Increasing your GOAL will make you feel great.  You have accomplished something.  Decreasing your GOAL is OK too.  You are not failing at something by making a slight adjustment to your GOAL.  You will hit that adjusted GOAL and then you will feel better and then you can make the change and enlarge that GOAL.

Small, medIUM, and LARGE GOALS can be set.  Try it.

Throw the word "Resolution" in the garbage. Make yourself some GOALS.

I have one GOAL for 2014.  I am starting small.  Just one.  But what is great is that this one small GOAL if met, rather WHEN this small GOAL is met it will lead me into a future that will allow me to make medIUM and LARGER GOALS.

This one GOAL is to............



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