Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 CrossFit Games Open.....Setting The Record Straight

Well it is that time of year again.  The CrossFit Games Open 2014 has begun with the registration process starting. So grab your $20 head on over to the wonderful site that CrossFit has set up. (CrossFit Games Open)  It's easy to do, anyone can do it and you don't want to be left of of the party.  Just ask Lisbeth Darsh who wrote this piece The Party We All Get To Crash.

I am in constant conversations with my CrossFit brothers and sisters of the Community about everything that is CrossFit.  So it was all but natural when Open Registration went live on 1-15-2014 that the topics of conversations went to "Did you sign up?" or "Are you going to sign up?" and throw in the "You are going to sign up!" and I have even had a few "Sign your bitch ass up loser!" but it just isn't going to happen for me. 

Let me tell you why.

The single main reason is that as of Tuesday the 21st of January after 6:30 a.m. I will no longer be a athlete of CrossFit Boiler Room.  My six months are up and at this point and time I am just not in the place to renew my dues.  Not a life or death thing, I have equipment at home that I will still wod with.  I will still get up early and knock out my workouts, it just won't be with my usual 5 a.m. crew.  Other things need to be taken care of right now.  So being that I will not be at the box, it is just not ideal for me to take part in the Open.  What I will be doing is trying to lend support and motivation to all of those I know that are doing the Open.  

I wanted to write this and get it out there for everyone so all of you knew that I wasn't simply a bitch or chickening out or scared.  I mean I am a bitch and I would be scared but I would still do it and bust my ass and have fun doing it.  I love a challenge.  Hell, just this morning after taking nearly 20 minutes to finish a wod and failing on 175# Clean and Jerk attempt, I stepped back, took my time and then got that 10# PR on that Clean and Jerk of the 175#.  So I would give it my all and try not to come in last and even if I did, I would embrace being LAST.  Seeing my name of that leaderboard even if it was in the last spot...Shit, someone has to hold all the other names up. 

So there.  Hope you all understand and if you don't, have someone read this over for you. 

Kiss The Baby



Unknown January 23, 2014 at 11:19 AM   Reply to

Does that mean I have to stop harassing you about it? There are video submissions from home... ;)

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