Monday, January 6, 2014

Goal for 2014

OK. I hate "New Years Resolutions".  Why would a person wait until a set date to make a change that is meant to change you for the better.  You are doing if for your body, mind, spirit or maybe all of the above.  Maybe you don't like something about yourself and you want to change.  Maybe you want to help others and offer them a change.


I love making GOALS.  Making GOALS sounds so much better.  GOALS can also change or be adapted and increased or decreased.  Increasing your GOAL will make you feel great.  You have accomplished something.  Decreasing your GOAL is OK too.  You are not failing at something by making a slight adjustment to your GOAL.  You will hit that adjusted GOAL and then you will feel better and then you can make the change and enlarge that GOAL.

Small, medIUM, and LARGE GOALS can be set.  Try it.

Throw the word "Resolution" in the garbage. Make yourself some GOALS.

I have one GOAL for 2014.  I am starting small.  Just one.  But what is great is that this one small GOAL if met, rather WHEN this small GOAL is met it will lead me into a future that will allow me to make medIUM and LARGER GOALS.

This one GOAL is to............




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