Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Day That May Save The World.

Can it be February 7th already please.

I know I ask for a lot for myself mostly since I am selfish and all but please for the safety of my home and family can February 7th hurry up and get here.

For those of you that don't know on February 7th this much anticipated and anxiously awaited feature film is hitting theaters ....

Yes. The Lego Movie.  My kids are so stoked to see this. Have been since the very first day they heard about it.  They have the poster.  They have the minifigures.  They have the remote in hand and rewinding the dvr every time a commercial comes on for the movie.

They are excited to see this but to be completely honest, I AM TOO. 

You can go here Everything Is Awesome Song and listen to the great little catchy tune that is in the movie. 

Watch the previews and get excited along with us.

or this one..

February 7th does need to hurry. I am scared for my life that if the kids do not get to this movie soon that they are going to take over the house.  Now, I am not just scared for myself but also for T.  We are loving parents that try and do what is best for our kids but when the C's get crazy...THEY GET NUTS!  The C's are lego freaks.  Lego's in the bedrooms, in the playrooms, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, everywhere.  We are in a lego house.  I am not home during the day, I have no idea if the kids are plotting against T and I.  They say they go to sleep at night but are they really planning something to take us down.

The News and Papers and CNN and so on can say video games are ruining our kids minds and brainwashing them.  Reports from doctors can claim that too much tv and not enough reading and exercise will make your kids rot away but I have done my own research.  I have proof and factual evidence that LEGOS are making the kids crazy.  LEGOS are making the kids turn against parents and authorities and that is why all the madness is happening in the WORLD.

That is why I ask.  Please let February 7th come faster.  It will not only save the lives of T and I along with our home, but it may also save the World. 

Everything is Awesome



Unknown February 28, 2014 at 8:02 AM   Reply to

We loved it! Barnes and Noble here in our small Tuscaloosa town :) is having a "build the movie" hands on learning event saturday. FIRE UP! My kids are counting down the days.

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