Thursday, January 16, 2014

What defines your family?

Is there something that kind of defines your family?

Well maybe that was not the best way to put it.  Maybe not DEFINE your family but rather grabs a hold and digs into your family, makes you stop and say "That is us!"?

I think for us it is the letter C.  We went on vacation somewhere a while back and T and I saw photos and portraits of different letters.  They literally had so many different styles of each letter in the alphabet.  We of course started looking at the letter C.  We love the letter C. (If you couldn't tell)

From that point on whenever we are in public and we spot a letter C we always take notice.

And someone who I will not name just bought a big massive letter S that is on the fireplace mantle.

Me, I love representing the letter C.  I have many hats that have a C on the front.  Some of teams that I don't even like or have never even cared about but the C looks so cool, so I wear the hat.

Is there something that defines your family that you see in everyday life?

Kiss The Baby



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