Friday, March 14, 2014

Session Number One of Radiation Treatment.

Thursday March 13th is a day that will be added to the memory banks of my brain.

Wait.  Maybe not. I had Brain Surgery and I have Grade 4 GBM Brain Cancer.  Do I even have a brain?  Will I have a brain when it is all said and done?  Guess we will see.

I had my first session of Radiation Treatment.  Is that what I call it.....a "session"? shit I don't know, but I think I can call it whatever the fuck I want to at this point.

So, they make this mask to fit over my head and lock my into place on the table for the laser beams to zap me and get the Cancer cells to go away. (More on this over the weekend)  My first session was actually ok.  Getting there was not easy.  I started to freak out a bit on the ride over and snapped at T and the kids a couple times.  I was getting nervous and scared and just wanted to go home. FOR REAL....I have been know to quit but I have to fight for them

T and the 4 C's. 

So I get in the Radiation Center and I get ready and then its on.  They explain everything to me and tell me how its going to go and we get rolling.  Again, everyone is so nice.  

I lay on the table and they lock me into place.  Music is playing and we are off to a good start.  The Beach Boys...hell yeah.  Then a song from Heart plays and I am thinking they are trying to kill me instead of help me.  WTF man.....Heart????  Then we get back to the good stuff and another Beach Boys song comes on.  That was close.  I get a little nervous and start to move my hands and the dude says "We are almost done, try to stay still"  (So much for the Adavant working that didn't do shit so far to relax me) and then I thought the World was going to end.  All I asked for when they asked me about music was "NO COUNTRY" and wouldn't you know it.......COUNTRY cam on.  But again I was saved and my session was over midway through the song.

Up and out and it was like less than the 30 minutes.

"That wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible" I told myself.  Got a little locked up but didn't freak out.  Might need to take 2 Adavant for Session 2.  Asked a few questions about the Radiation that I wanted to know and then I was on my way up to get back with T and the kids.  My Radiation will not affect my sex life....Thank god.  I am a freak in the sheets and a man in the streets.  Ahhh hell, I am a freak in the streets too but whatever.  And some rumor about double flushing does not apply to me unless I have a serious funked up session of the toilet variety.

T and I decided that starting on March 13th the first day of my Radiation Sessions that we are going to take daily pic's.  One of me and T.  One of me and the C's and then one of all of us.  Daily reminders of life, love and happiness. 

T, the 4 C's and Lenox.

Damn, we are a good looking family. 

So there ya have it.  Session #1 went better than expected and I am ready for Session #2.

I will be adding more this weekend.



Donna bogie March 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM   Reply to

Fellow cross fitter here!
Keep a good attitude and the rest will fall into place, YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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