Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Throwing out Thanks and I am starting with them........

Ok. I have written enough sad and sentimental post about this Brain Cancer Bullshit so far.  And while I do appreciate you all following along and reading and sticking with me along my journey, it is time to get back to my regularly scheduled crazy ass writing and throw some thanks around.

I was told many times in the hospital by nurses and doctors that my fitness level and the shape I was in was a primary factor of why I was able to recover so fast and why I was able to get my ass up and out of that damn hospital bed and stand on my own two feet so fast.  They wanted me to pee while laying down.

"FUCK NO"  I am not pee'ing while sitting in a bed.

You can't walk to that toilet they said...."Ummm, kiss my ass! Watch me" as I walked to the toilet and pee'd and I ever made the joke that if you shake it more than twice you are playing with it.  Well, I had a shake party. lol

My fitness.  They knew about my fitness from the CrossFit band I had on my left wrist.  I think I even made a point to ask everyone that came in to look after me if they did CrossFit.  I have done CrossFit for years.  Either at home in my garage or at the wonderful Box of CrossFit Boiler Room in Villa Rica.

I had originally started learning about CrossFit from the Internet and finding blogs and sites to learn from.  The first site I actually started reading and following along besides the CrossFit Main Site was CrossFit Cedar Park in the Austin, Tx. area.  I remember leaving a comment on a post by Nikki Isbell years ago when I started. She and the Master David Tillman helped educate me as well.  After much research online and finding people on twitter, a woman by the name of Paige or on twitter she is know as @GasFamily started throwing me hooks with worms on them to reel me into the wonderful World of CrossFit.  She out of nowhere started offering me suggestions and workouts and ways to learn more about CrossFit and get better at it as well.

Paige never gave up on me through the magical ways of the Internet.

So, as the doc's and nurses and everyone else told me that my CrossFit Fitness Way of Life was a huge part of what saved my life.....I had to do the only thing that I knew how to do and that was talk shit and of course offer thanks to

Paige aka @GasFamily and Nikki Isbell and the CrossFit Cedar Park Family.

Myself, T and the kids owe you all for your love of CrossFit and the ability to spread the love to those of us that are just learning or still learning.

CrossFit Strong.  Cancer isn't killing CrossFit and Cancer is killing me and I am still CrossFit.

There will be more posts of me thanking a lot more of you, trust me.....It's coming.



Laura April 28, 2014 at 3:43 PM   Reply to

Stumbled on your blog. Praying for you and your sweet family!

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