Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's May and do you know what that means?

Well, it has been a long while since I last wrote.  But there is no better day to pick to get back and write something than today

MAY 3rd

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month and Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  Years and months ago I would have not known this and maybe would have never even given it a thought.  Growing up I knew about other types of Cancer but never Brain Cancer.  Then on March 3, 2014 that all changed.  It all changed for T, the 4 C's and the rest of my family.  I hope it changed for my friends also in the manner that they will now think of Brain Cancer when they hear the word "Cancer".

"Fuck Cancer" is one of my favorite things that I have recently come to love as far as phrases go.  I mean "fuck" is one of my favorite words anyways so it makes sense for me to love that.  Since March 3rd I have had some awesome personal milestones.  On April 23 I completed my six weeks of radiation and I finished all of my sessions with no major or even minor side effects.  A little hair loss on what I called the "laser spots" was all.  And that kind of sucked because I was hoping for total hair loss.  But that is ok, like I say #BetterThanDying.  Then on April 29th I took the last of my Chemo pills and I now have a month off before I have to start taking them again, but this time I only have to take them 5 times a month instead of 7 days a week.  That will be great.

I feel so lucky to be feeling so good.  My body and mind and spirits are feeling so good right now and there are so many reasons for that.  I sometimes find myself thinking "I have fucking Brain Cancer?"  How do I have this and I am not sick, not tired, not grumpy and depressed?  I'm not sure what the hell is going on but all the doc's have told me I have Brain Cancer so I guess I do.

I am going to write some more in the next few days about things I have done to help me feel this good. Things I have taken to make my body feel this good.  I want to help others.  I want May to mean something more than just a month for me now.  I want to be able to use my Brain Cancer as a way to FINALLY make a difference in other peoples lives.  If I can help a child, an adult, the parents of a child or a family member, I want to be that person.

All my life I wanted to be a person that helped others....

In my next post maybe you all can use it as a way to spread my message to others and not just see me for the asshole that I used to be.

Thanks to all of you that read and have read and that continue to check back.  Sorry I was absent for a bit.

                                          With Brain Cancer◦

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