Wednesday, July 16, 2014


There are those of us who fall on tough times.  Whether we do it to ourselves or it just happens out of the blue.

It's when those bad things happen in life, you find out who you can lean on and who you can trust in the blink of an eye.  You also find out who disappears from your life in the same blink of that eye.  I have come across both in my life since finding out on March 3rd, 2014 that I was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma, a fast spreading and aggressive type of Brain Cancer.

This affected my whole family.  And since then I have had friends, family and even people I don't know come to our aid.  Things like phone calls, tweets, facebook messages and cards have flooded in and made me feel so good and even cry.  We have been given food, gift cards, cash, CrossFit shirts, and even visits from friends who came from Ohio and Canada.  All of these were a reminder that people do care about others.

During our first visit to MD Anderson, we learned about a 5K called the Brain Power 5K.  We automatically wanted to do the 5K and found one that was close to us.  The Brain Power 5k 2014 in Cedar Park, Texas  is an event used to help raise money and bring people together in support of Brain Cancer research.  T and I set up a TEAM SCOTT page where anyone can register and join in with us on September 7th in Cedar Park, Tx. or you can easily donate as well to anyone on our team.  After setting up the team page we decided that we wanted to have something special for all of us that were doing the 5K and those who are great enough to support us no matter where they are.

When T, the 4 C's and I moved to Texas at the end of May we were fortunate enough to meet a select group of individuals that we have known and talked to for months and years, but never got the chance to meet in person.  We all share a connection and special bond in more ways than one.  Family, CrossFit and the betterment of life.  One family has gone out of their way to turn something so bad into something so special for us and many more.

That brings in the Brooks Family.  Bobby and his wife Kristy are two awesome people. Bobby who many know as RealDoubleBee in the Social Media World specializes in Online Marketing and Strategy and Kristy is a genius in Graphics Design.

T and I wanted to do t-shirts that would show how we all were part of Team Scott.  Bobby and Kristy came up with some ideas and designs for the shirts.  T and I loved the ideas and then the wheels started spinning.  Graphics were texted and emailed.  Then it was settled.  This is what we decided to run with.

Here is what the front of the shirt looks like.
We love the Powered by the 4C's.
On the back we have the hashtag that I started
saying when I found out that I had Brain Cancer.

Here is the finished product.
If you want a Team Scott shirt 
you can get your own right here
I need to thank Kong Screenprinting for donating the printing services.  Without them doing that I don't know if this would be possible.  Bobby and Kristy have worked with them in the past and have said nothing but great things about them so I am thrilled and excited to see the shirts and get them on my back and yours.
So join me, my family and friends on September 7th in Cedar Park, Tx. and we can walk, run, jog and get to the finish line however you want and help the fight against Brain Cancer.  If I can do a 5k so can you, TRUST ME!

All profits from the sale of these shirts go directly to the BrainPower5k to benefit Brain Cancer Research at MD Anderson where myself and so many others are fighting for their lives.

Special thanks to Bobby and Kristy.  T, the kids and I are so grateful for your hard work.
Thanks to Ryan at Kong.  You went above and beyond to help us out.
And to T and the 4 C's I want to let them know that I really appreciate all that they have done since March.  Never leaving my side and I love you all for that.
Kiss The Baby




Saturday, July 5, 2014

Now A Texas Family

WOW.  That is just one of the words I can use to describe this right now.  I have not blogged since May 3rd.  A lot has happened since then.  SO MUCH.

T, the C's and I packed up our house and the movers came and hauled all of our shit to Texas.  When I say "All of our shit"  we have so much stuff. Just about took up the whole United Movers truck.  A great friend John M. came and drove the other vehicle for us to Texas.

We made it to Texas and what a trip that was but we made it.  We have been here since the beginning of June and we have adjusted well to being here.  The kids are having fun here.  They get to swim every few days and also they can ride their bikes more here because the driveway is longer and the area doesn't have a ton of cars driving like crazy people.  T and I are getting used to the area too.  She is the driver and she already knows how to get to the places we need.  We all go walking around the neighborhood after dinner and the kids rides the bikes too.

This was just a bit of news to try and get back into the blogger frame of mind.

So we are now a Texas family and we will see what happens from here.



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