Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pass That Shit On

So I was at CrossFit this morning getting ready for the workout of the day.

A lot of the times during my own little pre warm up I close my eyes and think about things.  Things like will the wod be hard?  Will I be able to do this or that or what weight will I go with since I am just getting back into the game.

Today when I got to Hill Country CrossFit I was a little bit early.  As I sat in the car I heard Coach Jerry yelling and I was immediately filled with nerves.  I was STILL IN MY CAR and heard him.  The 7 a.m. class is filled with some tough ass athletes.  "What is he yelling about?" I thought to myself.  Oh well, time to get in there.

Often I wonder if I use this fucking Brain Cancer shit as an excuse in my CrossFit life.  Like yesterday in my "Reality Check" I acknowledged that while I don't feel like I have Brain Cancer, I know I do.  Guess what I'm saying is that it's time to sac up and do what I love to do and that is throw some shit around and get stronger, fitter, faster and smarter.

I have been a follower of The Fittest Games which is a competition hosted by CrossFit Central in Austin, Tx. for sometime now.  In it's 8th year now the theme for the Games is Courage.  Shit, that is great.  I have Courage.  I have that.  Not that I am entering any kind of CrossFit competition or anything.

Then I saw this and it woke me up.

I do all of that.  I take risks.  I am compassionate.  I am definitely humble.  And I stand by my integrity of who I am.  I am not limited by what my Cancer does to me but stronger for what it still allows me to do.  I have the courage to get my ass up and go hit the box.  I have the courage to go get yelled at by Coach Jerry!

And Coach Jerry yells at us with words of courage and enthusiasm.  Motivation and belief that we can finish what we started.  Coach Jerry wasn't yelling to scare anyone, he was yelling as if he was on our shoulder telling us to keep going, don't quit.

He was yelling like he was in my ear saying "Don't quit Scott, fuck that Cancer and never let it be an excuse."

Courage, we all have it.  Pass that shit on.





Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's all about the time I have with you

There are times when we do ordinary little things as people and our minds start to drift. We get taken to different places in our own personal lives and we either use that as an escape or use it as a reality check.

I had one of those moments today.

As I was mowing the grass, I was listening to music and then a song came on to make me think about the one person in this world I couldn't live without. This happens a lot with music.  I love music.  Music makes me think.  I had not heard this song in a long time but I remembered that I actually liked the song.  What struck me was it was a cover band that was singing, and they had slowed the song down to a more mellow style.  The words to the song made more sense to me now as to before when I  was mimicking the song and singing along with it.

I started tearing up as the song went on.  Never before had I LISTENED to the song.  Every line in this song represents who I want to be for T.

And it made me think of this.  Fuck this Cancer shit.  I don't even feel like I have Brain Cancer.  But the reality of my life is that I DO have Brain Cancer.  And the reality of it is that with my kind of Brain Cancer I may go any day.  It's the truth.  I probably won't, but hell you never know.

So I will walk as many miles as I need to for T and the 4 C's to make sure I live as long as I can until I fall down at that door.

Living with Brain Cancer is my Reality Check.





Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clays For Cara

You could call it Suns Out Guns Out!

Or you could say that on October 4th, 2014 there will be more TREATING  and less tricking!

Since being here in Texas we have been fortunate enough to receive so much help and generosity from so many different directions.  Some of the help is coming from The Cara Hobbs Foundation.  Clays For Cara was organized in 2010 as a way to help Cara and her family in the tough times while she battled Brain Cancer.  Anyone who has had Cancer or a loved one with Cancer knows how much support is needed.  Whether that comes in the forms of money, dinners, gas cards for trips or even visits from others, support is support and that is all there is to it.

Cara Hobbs passed away in March of 2011 from Brain Cancer.  In 2011 the Clays for Cara event achieved a goal of raising enough money to set up the Cara Ann Hobbs Endowment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

How our family got involved with the Cara Hobbs Foundation is a crazy story from the beginning but it shows just how much the community around us is so caring and tight-knit.  I had only been CrossFitting at Hill Country CrossFit  for a couple weeks when Coach Laura Roberson mentioned and told me about Clays for Cara.  She asked if she could give my families name to the people there for future consideration to receive assistance from them.  I told her "sure".  Just to be thought of by people and still being new in the area felt great.

That is when I came home talked to T and told her what Coach Laura had told me.  Time went by and then one day I got a phone from the Cara Hobbs Foundation Director Andrew Watson.  I had a great conversation with Andrew about the Foundation and he had told me that my family was one of the families that was chosen.  He discussed with me the details of what when on and how the chosen families were helped.  I told him it was just great to be selected and to be able to join a community that stands for something I believe in, which is finding a way to help families that are dealing with Cancer and making Brain Cancer more known.

Since then I have met with Andrew in person and expressed my gratitude.  It will be such a great honor to be a family that is helped by a Foundation that was created for a strong woman, mother and wife such as Cara Hobbs.  I hope to meet Justin and their daughters also to thank them as well.

The Clays for Cara event is being held on October 4th.  This is an event where there will be Clay Shooting along with a dinner and also some auctions. You can check out the main site at Clays For Cara to find out all of the information and you can even sign up for the newsletter.

If you like to shoot anything, register to come shoot some Clays.  If you like to eat, register for the dinner.  Maybe you like doing both!  I'm not getting in your way of signing up.  Even if you can't make it to the event, register and donate to help anyone of these families.

Follow Clays for Cara on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

October 4th will be here soon, make sure you jump on this!

Kiss The Baby



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