Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Start Of Our Amazing Race

So from late June / mid August we had to keep the secret from the kids that we were going to California.  California, a state that the kids had often said they wanted to go visit.  Not to mention all of the things that we were going to be doing while there.

The morning has arrived and we are up long before the sun with the 4 C's wondering why there are suitcases in the truck.  After we parked, we unloaded our bags and made way for the ticket counters.  Just about there I realized that I didn't have my license.  I ran back to the truck like I was in a CrossFit 400m sprint.  Then when we finally get inside and get to the counters we check in and get our tickets.  "Damn it" I yelled.  I forgot C4's car seat, so I had to run back to the truck again.  So much for not sweating before getting on a plane.  T and I decided that we would wait and video the kids reaction while at the airport.  We thought that would be classic.  Asking for the longest time and T and I kept telling them we were going on a trip.  It was funny that when at the airport I had to make sure no one made any comments about our destination until we actually told the kids.

The moment of truth.  Sitting and waiting for the plane to board, I got my phone out and started the camera and we proceeded to tell the kids about the Jack and Jill Foundation and what they stood for and how they helped families like us out.

So the kids now knew that it was the great state of California to which we were headed.  It was kind of amusing that the kids had said they knew it all along.  A short plane trip to Houston and then another to San Diego would be our flight plan.  Armed with excited kids and little Nintendo's we were off.

I sit next to these two, C2 and C3. 

While T get C1 and C4

That is a hot one right there.

He had 5am early morning breath.

C4 didn't last long.

Next thing you know we were landing in California and it was morning all over again.  Now the fun would actually begin.  Off to find our bags and then to the shuttle for the rental car.  

I can say this, San Diego from the minute we landed and walked off the plane was every bit as awesome as we were told it would be.

Next post I will start telling you about how we got our adventure rolling.



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