Thursday, February 26, 2015

42 Year Old Virgin

As I entered the room,  I saw her standing against the wall.

I stared at her in the dim light.

It was cool and the there was a scent in the air that swept the room.

She could tell I was nervous but didn't make any mention of it.  She just sat there and didn't say anything because she didn't was to change the mood.

I moved over to touch her.  She was cold and hard,  I got excited as I touched her and moved her over to put her in the right position.  I could tell this wasn't her first time as she moved without hesitation.

Not confident in the amount of time I'd have with her, I wanted to make sure I used every second of it.

We talked as I bowed over her.  Actually, I did most of the talking.

As others started to come into the room we let it be known that we were there together.

Our alone time was over and from that point on our Worlds had changed forever.

At least mine had.

My first time.

The CrossFit Open 2015



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