Saturday, March 14, 2015

Before I go. Kidding, I'm not going anywhere. Just leaving

I want to tell you about my Friday and Saturday before I head off to Md Anderson get laser beams shot in my head and take a shit load of poison, possibly turn green and walk around with that old skull and bones above me.

Andrew and his wife Sara with their two awesome kids came over for pizza, water, and brownies.  Yes we serve our guests water.  They both are Aggies so I am choosing my words carefully.  Sara made it clear what she would do to Aggie "haters" as she stood close to the knives.  And no pizza party is complete  without a fire.

Those two are 100% filled with greatness.  I fully expected to cry when talking to Andrew cause he has done so much for us.  I know Sara has also, it what teams do and they are a winning team those two.  What I didn't expect was Sara to tear up, which got to me.  Sara has seen me and talked to me FOUR times.  HEB, Clays Event, Dinner and now the house.  She broke my heart in a great way and that will stay between all of us.  Thank you two for everything and a great Friday night.

Now Saturday morning was flip sided up side down when T's alarm clock went off before mine.  But ok.  She was going to Hill Country CrossFit FOR ME.  I need a taxi driver again.  She's hot, free, and a good driver.  HOT too.  Tracy, John M, and C4 all loaded up.  I wanted to do 15.3, and thought I could.  I got out of the car and what two people do I see first?  Dan and Chandra.  What a great way to show up.  I don't know if it gets better.  Go in, my spirit is lifted as I see Laura, Tonia, Ira, Thom, Eli and his wife.  Met Aaron for the first time, of course Jerry showed up, always good to see Jerry.  His bro Dave had the brightness from the shoes.  Busting out in the Jayhawk shirt Camilla was there.  Russell, Stefan, kicked ass as normal.  Danny was there and was not letting me back out.  Blake and Kelly were there so I had to do the wod.  Blake won't let a person NOT workout.

 Chris Bruce got there.  That meant a lot.  Andrew was there.  Ira. Man, if i could sit and cry with a dude all day, it would be Ira.

Charlie.  Charlie inspires me.  Something about the words he says, the way he says them just get through my skin.

I hope I am not forgetting anyone.  Please tell me.  TELL ME. Oh Bruce, what you did this morning, man that can NEVER be duplicated.

Seriously tell me if I forgot anyone.  T, said EVERYONE was so nice.

Hope to see MY box soon.  Hill Country CrossFit is MY box.



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