Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just Random Shit

People who know me understand I do think in messed up ways.  I tend to think about stuff I really shouldn't during times like these.

For instance, CrossFit.  I was just getting back to some of the weight I was at before and now I will basically have to start over again.  I hate not being able to lift.  Situps hurt my head.  Double Unders give me a headache.  My arm is numb so pull ups are an issue.

I guess I will be a bad ass rowing machine and will beat Jerry and Camilla at Rowling.  Jerry taught me so I learned for the man.

It's harder to do things than it was before.  Trust me no one wants this job.  It hasn't gotten there, but no one wants this job.

As of this morning, driving is off the table till I feel better.

I let T clean my ears.  I never let her do that before.  I'm getting soft.

My sex drive is not gone.  NOT.  Hear that T.  Keep those jeans on that I love.  Wait, I mean take them off. We don't want them getting wrinkled.

I'm working on an event.  Gotta keep that up.  It's important to me.

My mouth hurts.  Won't stop me from talking shit but it just hurts a little more.

Weed. Well lets just say the thought is there.  A STRONG thought is there.

Asking people to do stuff for me is hard.  But it may be something I need to do.

Realizing advice is like ONE asshole, everyone has one, but some peoples are bigger than others.

Beer tastes good after 7 years.  2 beers taste even better.  "No, I always walk in a zig zag line officer"

Going to Houston doesn't excite me.  Getting radiation and chemo AGAIN excite me. Ok I'm lying.

Hearing from people I wouldn't expect is great.

People care, they really do.  It amazes me how many.  FAMILY

I'll do it again.  I'll beat it.

This post may not have made any sense, but I'm at that point and since when did I ever make any sense?



Anonymous,  March 13, 2015 at 6:15 PM   Reply to

Oh thank Gd. I thought your "Scottness" was gone. Glad to see he's still there. :)

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