Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Only part of this matters

So this morning I was in the shower and that feeling came over me that has not in a long time. I actually didn't fall YET, and my hands were off my junk.

I threw up.  A LOT.

Either meds, lunch, both but that was the first time.  T, being the awesome wife helped me out.  I was more upset that she had to clean that mess up and help me dry off than anything.  I cried.  That's been happening too much lately.

Last night was Avastin.  Lady couldn't find my veins said they were small.  Hmm. Told her the one that matters is bigger.  They were nice, that's what matters.

I did radiation yesterday and today.  They are cool.  Lady reminds me of my Aunt Belinda kind of.  They play the music I like.  "NO COUNTRY"  It's fast.  I'll have a new mask to add to the collection.  MD Anderson has a maze for the ra-docs department.

Can't lie.  I miss Hill Country CrossFit.  That's a fact but Pin-Up CrossFit owner let me borrow a Concept2 at the house we are renting for the time we are here.  Andrew Mitchell, cousin of my doctors Nurse Jennifer.

I will row my ass off so I can beat Jerry and Camilla. Gotta beat them.

Day 7 in a row of #Stillkickinthis shirt.

This post wasn't insightful or educational.  But some days I do that shit.  Write about nothing,

My most important education came for someone in the dm's of the twitterworld.

She's awesome and kicks ass.  She's hot and talented.  She's thoughtful and sincere.

She's my friend.



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