Monday, March 23, 2015

Positive vs. Negative

It's all the same just different people.  Bloodwork, Mri's, doc's, walking around a hospital in circles.  Then they say it might be an infection not a tumor.  More tests need to be run.  Mri that takes hour and a half to two hours. What the hell.  That sucks.  Biopsy?  If someone had the balls to say "I can do the biopsy and not kill you" I'd chance it, maybe.  No one ever talks themselves up.  If I were a doc I'd be like "I'm the badest mutha fofo in this hospital!!!"  I'd admit to being such a badass I would have Taylor Swift in repeat followed by the Bee Gees.  I have to talk people into saying they're a badass.  Dr. Dunbar said she was a kickass oncologist.  Dr. McLaughlin knew those laser beams would know shrink that shit out.

It's all about attitude.  POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Even on my worst days no one can tell that I have anything other than a bad attitude other than T or the C's.  Today March 23 2015 I met a sweet lady named Audra in the blood work area.  Looking for a seat, I had one next to me and told her "I don't bite unless I'm paid"  She offered me some chap stick.  Mhhhh. No, like money but that's ok.  She was in from Louisiana but I didn't tell her how bad her state and Saints sucked ass.

Lisbeth Darsh said it's all in a mindset.  That's true in anything.  T says I'm walking and moving better today, but until I feel like I am, I believe I'm not.  I miss my ground support team that tells me I'm more inspiring that I feel i am.  Bobby, Todd are long time brothers that are family who are always there.  John and Christopher are brothers from another mother.

People from Hill Country CrossFit are family that have shown up from nowhere.  Without even mentioning people like Laura, Danny, Chris Bruce, Charlie Riddle and Ira, they have that POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  Guys like Eli, Stefan, and Russell who don't know me from dirt on the ground have jumped right in and been there with joyfulness.  Coach Aaron and Bryan have stepped in too.

Two of my new favorites are Dan M and Chandra M.  They are so caring and always go out of their way say hello.  And they are so nice to T, which wins me over.

Kenne talks like I'm some hero and I swear I'm not.  Tonia lights up like I'm Matthew McConaughey, and I'm and ugly big nosed dude.  They are great.

I'm surrounded by nothing but positive.  Cant lie in Ga, there was negative around.  That old job, my neighbor, selling the house, packing to move.  To me those were negatives.

Andrew Watson has opened my eyes to a world of kindness and caring. His family has.  If we haven't scared them off, we'll have them over to our house when its done.  Clays For Cara along with Justin Hobbs shows what its like to care for others.  That's where I'm heading, caring and working for others with

Caring and being positive go along way.  Everyone can learn from folks who go to Hill Country CrossFit.

For you Aunt B. Heard that vmail. lol  



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