Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WHY COMPLAIN? The World didn't run out of pizza

The World is full of complainers.

Coffee sucks.  Well then make your own.

This shirt doesn't fit.  Make it fit.  Lose weight or get Gainz.

Dinner is not ready.  Fix it faster.

People complain on who their sports team signs and resigns.  99% never played NFL football, ran an organization, or owned a team.

I have Brain Cancer.  Have for a year or so.  Now all of a sudden I have a Brain Stem Tumor. I'm back at Md Anderson for Radiation and Chemo for 6 weeks.  I'm doing Avastin Chemo every once in a while during my stay.  My Tumor is inoperable.  I've only complained about my side effects and symptoms.

You can complain, but does that make it any better?  You can bitch and moan, but will your situation or day be any better off?

You say your head hurts.  Do you ever think about those who have head issues?  Your back or your leg hurts, how about you not being able to walk?

Just think.  People bashing on Kroy Biermann prompted this quick post.  I don't care if he gets one or many sacks.  He could get zero and would still be there next to Matty Ice, Julio Jones as my favorite players.

Spill and direct your hate to something that is hateful like Cancer. Like Tumors. Like things that cause Cancer.

While you're at it go LEARN something on ( KB4BC). Where I'm directing all of my unused energy to Brain Tumor Research and making life better for those with Brain Cancer.

Hate if you want, direct it the right way.




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