Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Two Angels

Not in the Victoria Secret kind of way, but...oh never mind.   I won't go there.  

Months ago we learned of Nora and Aaron, and it sucks for her more than me to know he had the same kind of tumor.  If you read the blog, you will learn what type of people both of them were.  Breaks my heart to say WERE.  Aaron had another wife, which I would have married Katy Perry, but who am I to question what choices he made.

When we were introduced via the web I was still in remission from my first tumor.  I would admire from afar and recognize how awesome Nora was.  For some reason I was given the chance to be the home to a new tumor on my brain stem.  New circumstances, new things to overcome but it's #BetterThanDying!

Somehow Nora found us.  She befriended us.  It was like a hero joined us.  Funny tweets, messages that made me smile, it seemed unreal.  T got me the green "Still Kickin" shirt.  It went on a run of 10 days through Md Anderson and I didn't care how it smelled.  All of a sudden the Grey one showed up.  I guess T got tired of me wearing the same shirt every day.

Nora has mentioned us in a blog post of hers.  Which gets millions of readers.  She just recently brought back the "Still Kickin" shirt and has the proceeds coming to us.  What?!?!  I'm wondering if there is an end to her kindness?  Is she a wolf in sheep's clothes? I keep waiting for her to snatch the rug from under us, but she just keeps putting the pepperoni on the pizza.  It gets better.  She gets nicer and better!

Bring in Athena. Queen of Fancy Writing she is.  If you go check her shit out you'll see what I mean.  I found her from stuff Nora had posted.  I was drawn to the kick ass handwriting style and the endless positive messages.  One day she asked for people to send her their address for letters.  She said she had something to send me anyways.  It was "perfect timing".  Ive been trying to pay it forward with the kindness and thought a letter would be great to pass on.  Got a letter from Athena.  Still don't know what it says, but it awaits the perfect person.  I also opened a special gift from The Goddess of Wisdom.  A great shirt that reads "It's Going To Be Okay", and it will.  I tell T all the time since Cancer hit us, it's going to be ok. 

Athena keeps telling me I'm a warrior, a difference maker and it's hard to think of myself like that but when someone tells you that, I guess I have to believe it.  Keep doing good for others.  Another thing is she also has great shirts on the website.  She then gave me the story on the shirt and I was floored.  Her kindness never ends.  A special piece of paper was also with the shirt and the note.  Thank you so much for that.  She is like the ice cream with extra whip cream on top, it's better than you expected.

It's kind of crazy to think about meeting (on web) these two incredible women who have done so much, and all they have asked for in return is NOTHING.  

Check out Nora's shirt, which now is available in white.

Athena's shirt design is

Go to Cotton Bureau.



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