Saturday, June 6, 2015


I'm not going to bullshit you.

This tumor that popped up in March on my brain stem, it's really starting to kick my ass.

Mentally and Physically.

Not only is it robbing me of my balance, the feeling in certain parts of my body but now PAIN.

Not the Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock kind of (Joy and) PAIN either.

Just imagine that cute girl in school that you crushed on forever, only to find out she was into your buddy.

My face hurts like hell.  The throbbing comes and goes.  From my eye to my teeth and my mouth.

Only until yesterday has it been bearable.  At one point the pain in my nose got so bad I could of cried.  It felt as if a bee were stinging me over and over (times a million).

That's the worst physical pain I feel.  It's bad too.

Mentally, I've had a harder time then I let on with CrossFit.  My balance affects my lifting.  Even jump roping.  Shit, I have to learn how to jump rope again.  I can't run.

I still go.  I love it.  But I suck and I have had a harder time dealing with that then I thought.

So I hurt, and I lie.  I tell everyone I'm fine.

I'm not.

I don't want anyone to ask, don't need anyone to talk to.  Just leave me be to deal with my own stupid personal shit.


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