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Don't think just because there is such a huge gap from the last update until this one that I have been sitting on my couch doing nothing.  I have as a matter of fact been CrossFitting.  I was doing all of the Wod's at home in my Garage Box.  Recently I joined a great box and I have been attending the 5am class.

I am also writing about Everything CrossFit at


OK. First I promise I have been working out and doing more wod's than I have been keeping up with.  I have been slacking on the CrossFit Page here listing what I have been doing.

Tonight I did Grace.  I still consider myself a beginner at a lot of this stuff.  But I have been watching so many videos and I thought I had the form down from practicing with the bar and some lighter weight so I gave it a shot.

Grace - 30 Clean and Jerks at 135# for time.   

My time - 3:31


Tonight was C3's turn to be my little Coach outside in the cold as I did my CrossFit Wod.  She was excited. She was dressed and ready to rock as I walked in the door.  Here is what I did...
10 Thruster
20 PushUps
30 SitUps
Time - 8:36
Again, my lack of running endurance is what killed me.  I have got to focus on running while I am doing these at home.  I could easily quit and not finish.  That does me no good.  Its a great reason why I have the kids going out with me now....The kids know what the wod is before we go outside. Cant Quit!

Yeah, so its been in the 30's at night when I do this.  So what.  That means work harder, work faster and finish so I can go in and get warm.  Working harder and faster will result in better times.


Since I do my Wod's at home in the garage, it is hard to do some of the exact wod's that come up on the different websites I visit.  I try to follow them to the letter but its hard. I dont have certain equipment and I have no coaching to make sure I do movements correctly.  So instead of making more excuses like the ones above, I either add something in to an existing wod or I try and do my own programming. 

For instance, last night I decided to do a quick wod. Something to work on my weakness which is running/sprinting. 
400m / 21 push press
400m / 15 push press
400m /   9 push press
Time - 8:26 - C1 did say he kept hitting the pause button on the timer as I was coming back from running to move into the push press. But I am keeping that time and blasting it next time.

Not good at all. The running got to me.  I need to do better on the running. I have been reading a lot of @MentalityWOD aka Fletcher Fitness and trying to learn some keys to being smarter when I am doing my wods.  She has keys and great facts that help you and remind you of what you need to be doing and how you can be better at what you are doing.

Funny thing from last night...C1 and C2 were my little coaches. They stood at the top of the driveway and clocked my time and yelled at me and counted my reps for me. Felt like I was at a real box with two boys screaming at me in the dark cold night...."Run Maggot Run" Tonight C3 wants to be out there. I wonder what my 6 year old daughter will scream to me?

"Diane" kicked my ass last night. She put me on my back rolled me over and flat out kicked my ass.  Im talking about: 21-15-9 of Deadlifts (225lbs) and Handstand Push Ups.  Im sure my neighbors were wondering what the hell I was doing for 10 plus minutes.  Yes thats right what took me 10:32 took these guys less than a few minutes. I have been doing good on the deadlifts, its the HSPU's that have been giving me trouble. I can only do like 2/3 at a time. Need to practice that more.  Check out the video of Dan Bailey rocking "Diane"


So after getting the kids cleaned up and ready for bed I made it out to the garage and wanted to work on some of the movements and skill while also trying to build my strength. With nothing but the kettleball and the barbell with bumper plates I went to work.

I worked on my deadlift, kettleball swings and just slowed everything down and tried to make sure my form was correct.  I have said it before, I know I can not afford to join a box, wish I could.  Hard for people to realize how much they could benefit from one. The coaching and visual instruction comes in handy.

I do know this though....Working on my own at home and doing the WOD's is 1000 times better than not doing the WOD's at all.


I love having some of my own stuff at the house.  It is sweet to be able to wake up or come home and walk into the garage and warm up and start a wod.  So tonight I put some Metallica in the cd player, cranked it up loud and knocked out a quick wod.

3 Rounds for time

400 meters
10 Box Jumps
10 Push Press
10 KBS

Time - 11:35

It was the running that got me.  I need to run more.  I feel like that time sucked but my (relative) Intensity Level was high.


Well after not passing my Crossfit Level 1 Course test, I found myself feeling a bit unlike myself and I was sort of depressed and in a funk.  I love CrossFit.  I love working out.  I love the feeling it gives me when I bust my ass and work so hard that I can hardly walk to my car to drive home. That feeling was lost.  I wanted to quit working out.  Had lost that desire.  I want to spread the word in action, print, and verbally of how awesome CrossFit is.  Well I am finally back in the gym.  I never fell out of love with CrossFit.  CrossFit to me is like that ex you broke up with but always want to call for that booty call.  Never knowing how that call will go, but you have to make it just to find out.  And it so happens that when I finally made the call...the answer I got was awesome.  My body feels great, my mind is getting back to where it needs to be also.  I will take my test again.  I will be that person that teaches and preaches the word of the wod. 

So for those of you that doubted me...You may have been right.  But I will be back and kicking those wods ass here in no time.  Getting BETTER...FASTER...STRONGER.

No more time off.


As you can see there has not been anything written here since Aug. 6th.  Trust me, it's not from me taking time off or not hitting the gym.  I have not been doing typical wods or benchmark wods.  I have been doing wods and movements and workouts that will let me have a better chance to be ready for my course and test coming up soon.

8-6-2012 - WOD

Looks like I forgot to log a few wod's since the 31st.  Better stay on top of this. So this morning I was all about trying something new.  Making my own wod up.  Something that would test me personally and drive me.  So I figured I would do some running and then do some quick rounds of some lifts and blast right back to the running.

Here is what I did.....

400m run
3 minutes of push press (85lbs)
400m run
3 minutes of squats (105)
400m run
3 minutes of sit ups
400m run

So either I did a good job with this quick wod or I just plain ol suck ass, because after this I was tired and my shoulders, legs and abs were beat.

7-31-2012 - WOD

This morning I was back in the gym after taking a personal day yesterday. That's right I took the day off.  But this morning was a different story.  I decided to hit up a little bit of a chipper this morning. 

Overhead Squats (105)
Box Jumps
Thrusters (105)
Toes 2 Bar
Burpee Pull Ups
Toes 2 Bar
Thrusters (105)
Box Jumps
Overhead Squats (105)

10 reps each 1 round for time.

This was harder than I thought. I was thinking I might be able to blast through this but NOPE!!  Overhead Squats and Thrusters are harder than they look on paper.  I have to work on those two workouts right there.

My 1 round time - 11:38

Then did some arms, abs, and double unders.  Tuesday wod complete.

7-27-2012 - WOD

Its my birthday, go shawty, I'm gonna wod'y like its my birthday. And that I did. With the second and main "40" Wod that Nikki had set up for me this morning, I was going to ring in the age of 40 with style.  And Nikki made sure that I wouldn't want to use my legs for the rest of the day so here is what she set up for me.

Push Press 4 Rounds of 10. Had it set to 85lbs. Blasted through the rounds. Got me started

Then a Chipper.

40 Push Ups
40 Back Squats (65lbs)
40 Pull Ups
40 Front Squats (45lbs)
40 Toes To Bar
40 Air Squats

Time if Wod - 15:52

Man. Not easy. But that is the way of Crossfit. Never easy but pushed until I finished.  My legs turned to jello after this was over and my arms were already squid like from yesterday.  But I have to give it to Nikki, she gave and my body received the punishment.  I loved it. Thanks Nikki. 

And as I got done I saw a tweet that said "Everyone do 40 Burpees for Scott's Birthday" and I knew that meant me too. So I finished with 40 Burpees and headed home.

7-26-2012 - WOD

So Nikki Isbell set me up with two great Crossfit "40" Wods..Don't worry what the 40 is for. But damn she hooked me up good. I asked and she provided. And after this morning, my arms are thinking she was a little to friendly on the handing out of the wod.

40 dips (off a box with feet elevated)
400m run
40 push ups
400m run
40 hand stand push ups
400m run

2 rounds / 2 minute rest between rounds / compare the splits

Round 1 - 12:20 
Round 2 - 13:26

Thanks Nikki

7-24-2-12 -WOD

This morning I decided to work on some strength.  I did some db bench press trying to get increase my weight and added some incline and decline with the bars.  To go along with that I threw in some tri's by doing some dips and knocked out a bunch of core work with three different kinds of ab work and some back extensions.

After that I worked on the overhead squat movement with just the bar so I could look and make sure I was doing it right.

7-21-2012 - WOD

So I went to the Carrollton Crossfit Box and this was my second time there and this wod was harder than the other to be honest with you. A ton of running and pushing a Jeep Grand Cherokee around was some hard work. But it was great. A good wod and I'm sure I will feel it in the coming days.  The coaches and members of that box are very nice.  I'm looking forward to my next visit.

7-20-2012 - WOD

So whats better than a kick ass workout on a Friday morning.  Needed something that was going to test me today and this is what I pulled out of my Crossfit Manual and WOD list.

A lil something called the "Dirty Thirty" and here is what is consists of...
Run .3 miles
30 Rower pulls ( I modified this to a seated row - 30 times at 100lbs)
30 Double Unders
30 KBS
30 Push Press (85lbs)
30 Box Jumps
30 Rower pulls (Again I modified this to a seated row - 30 times at 100lbs)
30 Double Unders
30 Sit Ups
30 Back Extensions
30 Burpees
30 Rower Pulls (same as above)
30 Double Unders
30 Walking Lunges (Used a 35lb plate - overhead)

WOW. This blew me away. I loved it and while I had to change some things up, it still kicked my butt.  Few things for you to know.  The Seated rows in no way take the place of the rowing motion.  But I wanted to get the action of at least pulling back. 

So my time for this WOD this morning was 24:15.  I was beat. I was tired.  I was dropping sweat.  But you know what else I was doing?

Smiling.  I kicked ass and felt great.

Get your WOD on!

7-19-2012 - WOD

Today was a rest day for me. I took the morning off from the gym. Felt good to sleep past 4:30am.  So since I don't have any great details on my morning WOD I thought I would share with you something that may make your ass want to start Crossfit. 

Check out these two videos from the back to back Crossfit Games Champs Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir.

Just click the links:

If this doesn't make you want to give Crossfit a shot, then I have no idea what will.

7-18-2012 - WOD

A very weak part of my fitness routine is my cardio.  I am not a fan of running, but I do know that in order to build up my endurance I need to work on the cardio more.  So I am going to start adding running to my workout no matter what. Even if its just to warm up or finish the workouts.

This morning I decided to work on this.

4 Rounds for time of
400 meters (1/4 mile)
12 weight plate thrusters (45lb plate)

So basically that adds up to 1 mile and 48 thrusters. Not a lot but a fast paced workout that would get me going before working on some of the movements and other exercises that I need to work on.

Finished in a time of 10:45 - Not great. Again the running got to me.

Then I worked on some Sump Deadlift High Pulls and Double Unders as well as hit the abs. I also put up some Push Press trying to get my max weight up.

Another day, another fun workout. Felt like I worked hard this morning.

7-17-2012 - WOD

Today was a nice fast paced WOD but it was once that kicked some butt. It happens to combine two of my favorites and two that I consider myself pretty decent at.

AMRAP (As many reps as possible) in 6 minutes

15 box jumps
15 burpees

I finished the 6 minutes with 10 rounds 15 box jumps and 8 burpees

Also worked on some deadlifts.  I am not very good at these or strong at these so I am going to continue to work on them.

So I had a only 135lbs going for the rep count of 5-5-5
Then I just added a 10lb to each side. That was 155lbs for the rep count of 3-3-3
And to finish it off, I dropped back down to the 135lbs and did 15 touch and go's

After the Wod and Strength workout I knocked out some jump rope, Knees 2 Elbows and Toes 2 Bars to finish up my morning.

7-16-2012 - WOD

What a weekend of Crossfit.  The Crossfit games happened all weekend in Carson, Ca. and last years Champs repeated.  Rich Froning and Iceland Annie took the top spots once again.  I also went to C2 Crossfit Carrollton, Ga. and checked out the Grand Opening of West Ga.'s Newest Box.  It was great. Had Team Wod's and the Trainers did Wod's also. Alan Yeong a trainer from Crossfit Atlanta was also there as he is local to West Ga.

So this morning I was going to do the Wod ANNIE.
Annie is
50-40-30-20-10 reps of
Double Unders and Sit ups.

Finish for time.

I had a bit of an issue with my Wod this morning.  I was in the back aerobics room knocking this out and in the middle of it one of the trainers came back and started trying to talk to me and get me out of the room.  Well her class doesn't start till 6am and it was 10 mins till. She completely messed up my time and rhythm and I had no clue of where i was during my wod.  But I finished and then went out and worked on my deadlifts, and Toes 2 Bars.

I do feel like I had a good workout and worked on some movements.

7-10-2012 - WOD

So today's workout damn near killed me.  Wasn't the dips, the sit ups or the burpees that got me but the running.  I have learned that running is not my cup of tea.  But that is going to change.  I am going to put extra effort into the running part of my training.  Its going to help with the other areas of Crossfit as well.

So here is what today's wod was.

Run 800 meters (.5 miles)
15 dips (modified regular dips in place of ring dips)
15 sit ups
15 burpees
Run 800 Meters (.5 miles)

This wod took me 31 minutes to finish.  Like I said, it was the running that got to me.

7-9-2012 - WOD

Started out my Monday morning with my Crossfit Cp WOD.  I got my weekly email from Robin T. and I got down to business.

Front Squats at 75% of Max weight.
7-7-7-7 reps.
I was at 135 lbs.

1 set afap 15 reps at 65%
I was at 115 lbs. and it took me a little over two minutes

Then came the WOD.
Run 200 meters
30 dumbbell thrusters

3 rounds for time and weight
My weights with the dumbbells were at 35, 40, 45's
My time was 22 minutes

7-5-2012 - WOD

So this mornings WOD was called Annie's Evil Twin.  Most of the WODs are named after women since they put you in so much pain in a short amount of time but usually make you feel great afterwards. Thats women for ya.

So here is the WOD. This is a timed WOD.

Double Unders (Two passes of the jump rope each jump)
Hand Release Push Ups. (When chest touches floor, lift hands)

I have gotten pretty good at the Double Unders but those were still tough.  The hardest part was those damn push ups. Regular Push Ups are hard enough to do that many, but doing Hand Release Push Ups...Man, lets just say I am sore and will be. 

Great News...I finished.  Took me 45 minutes to finish that WOD, but I finished and I felt like I had a great workout.

7-3-2012 - WOD

So my favorite people at Crossfit Cedar Park in Texas have been kind enough to send me their WOD's in advance so I hit the Tuesday WOD up today and wanted to see what I could do.  After doing what I could of the warm ups it was time to knock it out.  Now this one has some running in it and that is not a strong part of my game. Getting better and faster but still needs work.  So since the meters are not marked at the gym, I used the treadmill. 

15 minutes AMRAP (As many reps/rounds as possible)

200m run (.12 miles)
25 Wallballs (25lb ball)
25 sit ups

I completed 4 rounds.  I think I could have done better if not for the issue of having to get on and off the treadmill every time and then get to where I could do the wallballs and sit ups. I can tell you though that this WOD did kick my ass. What got me most was the sit ups. For sure.

Then for Strength I changed it from Squats to Dumbbell Bench press since my knee is still bothering me.

Then to finish I did some of the rolling with the foam pad to try and fix this knee issue I'm having.

6-29-2012 - WOD

I decided to take a page out of the 2012 Crossfit Games Open Workout and see if I could push myself this morning.

So I picked the Open Workout 12.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

Box Jumps - 24' box - 15 reps
115 lb Push Press - 12 reps
Toes to bar - 9 reps

So I completed 10 rounds and 7 box jumps.  This WOD this morning pushed me.  The box jumps were no issue, the push press got crazy hard after the first few rounds and the toes to bar made my hands scream.  I felt so tired after this but I felt like I kicked my ass and that was a great feeling.

Check out this quick 4 minute video explaining the WOD that I did this morning.


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