Who Is This Daddy?

Hi, My name is Scott.  I am This Daddy.  I have been married to T for 12 years. We met in Florida while she was on vacation from Georgia and I was on vacation from Texas.  It was an instant love at first sight.  After meeting in July and getting engaged in September, we got married April in 2000.  Just a few years later we started having kids. The C's. We have four of them. C1 our oldest son is 8. Our second born son C2 is 7.  Then came our first daughter C3 who is 5 and then the last but not least is C4 who is 2.

I love being a father. I have my struggles just about daily but I wouldn't trade being a father for anything in the world. Each of the kids have a little piece of me in them. C1 is a clown just like me.  C2 likes to run his mouth and get the last word, kind of like me.  C3, she is a music lover like her daddy and C4 well he can be loud sometimes as I can too.

Over the years I have learned so much about being a good husband and growing as a father.  I have become a huge advocate for breastfeeding and babywearing and natural parenting.  Co-Sleeping, Organic living and being a gentle parent is something that I try and live by and learn more about everyday.  Even though we don't live by labels I would call myself an Attachment Parent.

When not working my ass off for endless hours of the day I love to spend time with T and the C's.  Walking in the door after a long day and having Daddy time is one of my favorite things to do. 

I have a love for sports and just about all sports interest me. I love basketball.  Soccer has been a favorite of mine since I was a kids playing and loved to watch it when I lived in Germany.  Football gets me to the point where I want to explode with excitement.  Big time Atlanta Falcons fan and I love my team. 

Over the past few years I have become a gym rat.  What started out as a daily routine of just cardio, quickly turned into a massive weight lifting program.  Over the past year or so I have fallen in love with the fastest growing style of workout called CrossFit.  I have a new dream to become certified as a Coach in the Community of Crossfit and I would love to help others and an ultimate goal of opening my own Box would be great.

If you have come by the blog from either knowing me, finding me by accident or just being a reader, I appreciate you coming by and hope that you will come by often.  I can also be found on twitter at @ThisDaddys_Blog. Feel free to drop any questions or comments. I never turn away from a discussion or debate.

Thanks and Kiss The Baby

Scott aka This Daddy◦

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